Ward Circle Prospects

The Orc’s have destroyed all life in large parts of the Great Eastern Drylands. They have left behind only sand and black ash. Similar ash can be produced by Arcanists drawling directly on the power of living plants to fuel their most powerful spells. The method is being called defiling

The dwarven fungal druid Verisan Sig’norath proposed the following:
“The land is indeed damaged, so much destroyed by fire and magic. I can’t tell the future, but I can only assume it will spread. The normal response of the shepherds of nature such as myself to a threat of this magnitude would be to form a Ward Circle. The problem is that none of my peers who would form such a circle would trust me. In fact I don’t believe they would willingly cooperate with each other either. But you seem persuasive types, perhaps you can persuade at least some of these pargons to join me.“
Tell them all to meet with me at the circle of stones north of Belzan, on the winter solstice

  • Bralani Aayerfin the head of the Winter’s Breath Monastery, on Icedome mountain. (winterfae monk)
  • Olpan Spirtbreaker (shaman, thornskin orcs),
  • Gelvas the Walker, (human warden, location unknown)
  • The chief of Greenbriar (wilden village)
  • Verisan Sig’norath of Tuscana Caverns (dwarven druid)

The Angry Badgers also decided to invite some paragon’s who were not evil.

  • Korbus Mountian-Leaper (Goliath Warden)
  • StarSinger elves from the Old Forest . (group)
  • Dwarves from the southern kingdoms

Ward Circle Prospects

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