Cynidicea was a rival to the dread empire witch turned into a lake 900 years ago. (2nd cycle, age of water) Cynidicea still exists, in the form of Insane humans living in a great cavern city.

Unanswered questions: (NEW Aug 13)

  1. Who is causing the rain of slime?
  2. Where is it being done/ How can it be stopped?
  3. What is Zargon?
  4. How do we pass the Goliath off as a native?

Personal Observations: (NEW, Aug 13)
A 2 mile cavern surrounding a lake. In the middle of the lake an island. The cavern ceiling is covered in stars. The Cavern has both Urban and Agricultural areas, and Quaggoths (furry & blue) slaves.Most of the people wear masks and brightly colored clothing. most citizens wear masks related to the hero-gods: the Father, the Mother or the Child.

  • Gorn – Bearded male mask identical to the masks worn by Earthshadows secret police
  • Madarua – Female mask, seen in visions of a black robed woman sacking the underground dwarf city
  • Usamigaras- smiling child mask, not seen elsewhere. (YET)

    People don’t change masks very often. Most seem sane, but used to dealing with insanity outbreaks.
    The Warrior caste wears masks linked to their fighting style: Hawk, Tiger, Jackal.

Rumors from the Barbarians: (SESSION 26)
The Reborn (those frozen with the winterking) say that Cynidcia was responsible for strange weather, including rains of slime, and that a great barbarian chieftain once united the tribes and put an end to the culture of Cynidicea.

Army of Winter’s Objective: (SESSION 28-29)

  • Uncover the buried kingdom of Cynidicea, stop the weather changes, including rains of slime.
  • They found No definite signs of an underground city. Only a few ruins and statues of the triple-gods of Cycincea were unconverted.
  • They did find a way in, but it was not suitable for an army. (from plot card)

Rumors From the Underdark: (SESSION 30-31)
Cynidicea still exists, in the form of Insane humans living in a great cavern city.
Somewhere to the north.
(1) They are actually controlled by an Aboleth, that lives in their great lake.
(5) they worship three immortal protectors, a man, a woman, and a child.
(6) You can’t get there from here.
(7) You can get there from a lava lake called the Eye of Zargon.

The Drow have an outpost watching the city, and have a secret way in. (the badgers have directions to this passage) (SESSION 31)

Learned from Library Research: (SESSION 32)
The Ancient Civilization of Cynidicea did not worship the gods directly, instead worshiping a trio of mortals who transcended the mortal plane. Each immortal had a devoted group of followers withing cycidicean civilization.

  1. Gorm – a warrior.
  2. Madarua – woman, connected to nature.
  3. Usamigaras – magical trickster, child-like

Representatives of these three immortals governed the nation, although members of the 3 SECTS did not always get along. Eventually the society turned to the worship of a sort of Slime God – called Zargon. Reports on the nature of Zargon disagree: avatar of the Demon Lord Jubliex, An immortal physical creature, or an aspect of the god of death.

From Vanessa (session 33)
The three sects of Ancient Cynidicea either ruled together, or competed with each other at various times in history.
the slime god worshipers were a 4th group, that eventually seized control.
Cynidicea savants tapped into the power of the forbidden stars.(likely a cause of “Insane humans” rumors)
Zargon is immortal, but that his horn may be the key to this immortality.
She also tells stories about the philosophies of each society and pictures of the masks:


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