Childhood Friends

The Angry Badgers went into the caverns under Garlach. They had several missions, including: searching for a missing group of adventures known as “the Restless”, finding Lucan , Damien and Renaldo Lastly seeking the Caverns of Tuscana, where the druid who had helped Father Uliban create his failed fungal heir.

On their way through a fungal cavern the group fought several troglodytes, who turned out to be the vanguard of nearly twenty others. The Troglodyte tribe was looking to recover a sacred totem stolen by people from under Garlach. The thieves turned out to be Lucan, Damien, Merri and a Halfling. Also known as “the Restless.”

Merri was persuaded to give full directions to the burning Cavern, but said that the Halfling had left for Avordel. Her story checks out with people at the harbor, who can confirm the ship (Amira G) had left, with the Halfling aboard. Chaos insisted on following it, and Valandra went with him. She also mentioned wanting to check if the technique to use plant life to fuel spells was being taught at the Green University.

The remaining Badgers headed for the burning lake. Lucan and Damien were waiting at the center of a watery lake, whose surface burned as if covered with oil. Lucan started ranting, and revealed that his father (Judge Greywand) was torn apart by a crowd in the Garalach uprising. Lucan swore vengeance against the entire city. He admitted setting the fires in his first attempt to destroy the citizens. Starting a war with troglodytes was his second attempt.

Realizing you could not reason with crazies, the badgers attacked. Damien and Lucan quickly got the upper hand, but Kenneth was able to steal the totem and fled with it. Keel fought Damien to a standstill as Chester and Kazador lay dying.

Kenneth fled from Lucan, his childhood friend, using some magical crystals to teleport himself Kennth ended up in his own mothers teleport circle, while Lucan was returned to the center of the burning lake, just in time for the two-headed dragon statue he had been praying to, to fall on him. Keel and Chester dragged away Kazador’s dead body.

The Totem of Growth was returned to the troglodytes, and they provided a token that would allow passage into the caverns of Tuscana. The totem itself is only a minor magic item but it is treated with great reverance by the Trogs, it obviously has either ceremonial or ritual importance.

Childhood Friends

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