Aspects: Goddess of Air, Exploration and Trade.
Domain powers allowed: Freedom, Trickery, Storms
Channel Divinity: as Avanndra
Alignment: unaligned
Holy Symbol: Stars
Common Worshipers: Merchants, Travelers, Con-men, Explorers, Controllers
Origin: Primordial God

She is a wanderer, and changeable by nature. In the second cycle of the world trade blossomed, new routes and materials spread across the world. Her interventions are weather based, wind, storms unexplained calms. She values speed, movement and quickness. She may also answer prayers for the end of a weather pattern (drought, flooding etc) but rarely troubles herself to produce beneficial weather for agriculture.

During the first cycle she was said to have taught man how to use sailing ships, in the second cycle stable long-distance trade routes became common place. Whats next? air ships? lightning rail? stables of flying mounts? mail service?

More males than females worship this goddess.
Travelers, wanderers, some rangers, war priests (storm.) follow either her. She cares little for stay-at home crafters or bankers, but aids sailors, wagoneers and caravan masters. Many of her clerics prefer range or area attacks, and may multi-class or select items that allow better movement. She also has some primal worshipers that seek the power of storms.

(Lesser Gods:)
Perun god of Lightning
Domains Storm, Sun. Justice; Alignment Lawful Good
Perun was an angel who helped to turn back the demons and devils that once invaded the world. Most of his devotees are old-school paladins, but more good than lawful. They will always fight against the forces of EVIL, but try to avoid judging humans and other mortals guilty of crimes not directly involving the forces of darkness. His worshipers favor radiant powers and weapons, as well as those based in lighting or thunder.

Aastrafin God of Travel
Domains Freedom, Change, Travel Channel divinity as Melikki (FR) Alignment Good or Unaligned
The god of messengers. He was once a mortal gold dragon, and is responsible for the silver paths that traverse the Feywild. He is in charge of messengers.

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