Winter King


  • Winter King : Dead, after he was broken free of ice, stilled cursed. Scepter and crown taken by Chester.
  • Anger (deva) : Starved to death in treasure vault, next incarnation – Rakasta.
  • Azrinda (halfling) : Starved to death in treasure vault.
  • Bortek (barbarian): last seen guarding the thawing bodies of the winter kings army.
  • Blizzard Dragon : went for a look at the new world. He was left a letter asking him to use his key to thaw trapped dwarven spirits.
  • Large Army of Gnolls, Barbarians, and various magical beasts. Slowly thawing.
  • Ravid the Black (human, necromancer) left to cook his dinner.

Legends and Rumors

  • Returned to life in the age of fire, started an August blizzard, slain by the Angry Badgers.
  • The winter king was a human warlord who united several gnoll and barbarian tribes.
  • He is called the Winter King because in one long winter he conquered several human cities that were once part of the Old Kingdom. He also claimed a dwarven kingdom on the western side of the broken lands.
  • The winter lasted so long and was so good for the king and his soldiers that it was said he made a pact with a fey lord of great power known as the Lord of Frost.
  • However the Winter King did not count upon the rivalry between the Prince of Frost and the Goddess Winter Queen. The hubris of calling himself the Winter King, did not help. He was cursed so that all he touched turned to ice.
  • Amid the finest food and drink the Winter King starved. He demanded the Prince of Frost remove the curse. The fickle Fey lord instead froze the king solid and entombed his entire fortress in Ice. A frozen pile of skulls became the cairn marking his grave.
  • Seeks the return of his Ice Scepter

Known Servants and Allies:

  • Anger: a deva warleader (mentioning his stripes will piss him off)
  • Azrinda: Halfling illusionist, now a captive of the Angry Badgers.
  • Zanna: a dead halfling illusionist, desendant of Azrinda.
  • Blizzard Dragon. carries the key of ice.
  • Bortek: human barbarian, defeated and left tied up on a table.
  • Gnolls, Human barbarians, various magical beasts
  • Winter King

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