Winter ends in January

Day 5

since the Rain of Slime

Another 9 dead to the Slimy Doom. Our tribe dwindles. We found that if someone begins to change, and if they can be killed and dismembered quickly, no slime creatures will rise. Also it turns out Relli was actually someone pretending to be Relli. She has red hair, can climb walls like a spider and has a dart thrower.

Day 6

Another 6 dead, not many are still sick. The New King and vizier are doing something weird with the doorways. they don’t lead to the same places they used too. In order to get outside you have to cross the bridge on the throne room. To get into the throne room, you have to go though the old kings rooms.

Day 7

The army came today. Many died.
Our men today really proved themselves in battle. The dragon Snow White sent in waves of troops but we turned them back. The Giant Keel stood like a rock, as waves of invaders pounded against him. Battered and bleeding he did not break. His companions and our men did the actual killing.

Some of our men and a few gnolls found Ravid sneaking in. Bloody-eight died instantly, and many others fell before him. Only the straight edge Caul Scrivens, some crazy gnoll and his mate survived. They badly wounded Ravid, and delayed him.

Ravid’s Owlbear and Snow White herself nearly killed the king and his companions but it was the men of the Reborn who brought both great beasts down.

Some of the attacking Snow Tigers survived. If enough join the tribe, and not many more die from the Slimy Doom, we will have two full hordes. Winter goes on but with this strong place to stand against the Slime creatures, we may live to see spring.

Three Visions One of our men was still in the throne room when they performed a ritual on Ravid. It showed some short man with pointy ears giving Ravid the sleigh and Huge Owlbear. It must have been an ice demon, because he was ignoring the cold, and he turned into snowflakes. The pointy-eared ice demon made him swear to attack the Angry Badgers, when they showed up. I wondered where that sleigh piled high with supplies and Sunrods had come from, but no one knew.

There was also a vision of Ravid the Necromancer kneeling in front of the original winter king.
An a last vision of him cooking in the Caern’s kitchen, as the new king and his friends walked away

Winter ends in January

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