We are hot, then cold

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

Again, during my rest I am awakened to the screaming of the Angry Badgers. Is there a code of evil saying to attack at night? This time we have beings clothed in black robes with bronze masks. They have set fire to the building and are awaiting our attempt to flee the building. Who are we to keep them waiting. We make our way from window to window looking for an escape route. Kaz takes several of the civilians and leads them to the front door.

Whats her name, the carrier of the golden child, goes with the group heading for the front door. As she reaches the top of the stairs they give way and she plummets to the ground striking her head on a stone and then a beam from above pierces her heart and a piece of glass from a window crashes down and severs her head from her body. I am certain the death was quick and painless. Poor, poor whats her name.

The battle outside rages on to the point where there is only one of the evil clan left. The good doctor tries to run. Keel chases him down and knocks a tree over crushing him. blood flows from his mouth like a wave of water crashing on the shore. Kaz has managed to take a prisoner. Maybe there is a profit to be made form this intrusion. Since the place we were staying has burned to the ground we head to the Griffon’s Rest for the remainder of the night.

In the morning we find our captive is a member of the house of Vasquez and turn him over to the authorities for justice to be served. It is a dish best served cold, or wait is that revenge. Either way we are going somewhere cold so it is fitting it is served cold.

After gathering some cold weather gear from town, Kenneth open a portal back to the Ice Palace. he has agreed to bring a friend, Vanessa the historian, for a tour of the palace. Nothing wrong with making a little money showing her around.

We decide to start her tour with a showing of the dwarves locked behind the icy doors. That plan is cut short by a group of humans who emerge from a side hallway. “You are not Ravid” one of them so keenly yells. Using my wit and diplomatic charms I manage to explain to them we mean them no harm, and are wondering why they are in my palace.

They are of the reborn tribe, followers of Ravid the Black Necromancer. Apparently, they were the frozen statues the last time we were here and have since thawed out and are now part of some plot. Icy Death and Ravid are forming an army to the North for some reason. These low level fools do not know the plan. Being quick and cunning, I offer them knowledge of the code to the vault in exchange for allowing us to continue our tour uninterrupted. Of course they agree.

As we move from room to room, Vanessa is taking notes on each room and the historic value of them. I am impressed with her attention to detail. I offer to pose for her if she would like to capture me on the throne as part of her chronicles; however she is not as wise as I thought and lacks the understanding of the value of having a picture of the Winter King on his throne in her ledger.

Kenneth finds a large map of the area with about a dozen or more symbols on it. As we take time to decipher the map, it is clear this is a map of the tribes in the area. Most of them are gnoll tribes and it appears to be who Icy Death and Ravid are going to try and recruit. WONDERFUL! Vanessa is able to point out where Issle is so we have a frame of reference. She then pays us 500g for the tour and teleports herself away.

We on the other hand have a lead, and we are going to find out what is going on around here. Summoning our phantom steeds we head out to the North. Finding tracks in the snow we begin to follow them in hopes of gathering some answers. Ah, a camp ahead. This should be helpful. That thought remained until a 9 foot tall gnoll stands up and yells, “SPIES!” Oh, it is on!!!

Gnolls and humans charge forward in a rage. They are no match for our finely tuned weapons and actions. We are victorious (and have a prisoner)! With victory comes the spoils, we have a camp for the night. Keel sleeps in the big tent that smells like wet dogs. I don’t know why he chooses these things. We are able to identify the barbarians as the Snow Tiger Clan and the Gnolls as the Demon Fang Gnolls.

Our prisoner tells us they were heading North to join the “Army of Winter”. There is a legend that when it rains slime it is time to leave the lands. He also informs us a man in a black robe, riding a sleigh pulled by a large bear is commanding troops to continue North.

This is something we will investigate in the morning, rest beacons…

We are hot, then cold

Eldri Coast Bosmo