Aspects: Fire, Magic, Change, Passion, Fear, and Fanatics
Domain powers allowed: Sun, Arcane, Change
Channel Divinity: Pelor’s Radiance
Alignment: unaligned
Holy Symbol: Sprial of Fire
Common Worshipers: “Laser” Clerics, Invokers, Ardents, all arcane classes. Sun Warpriests.
Origin: Primordial God

The god of arcane magic. He is also a god of passionate causes, and change. He encourages his followers with differing ideas to compeate and then increases the power, influence and scope of the victor.
During this age, magic is not stable, or complete.
Since Udo has become the Ascended God, sorcerers, artificers, swordmages, battleminds and ardents have all appeared. His clerics favor bright colors, mage robes, and gold. Many specialize in ranged and radiant powers. As a god of passions, he also provides mind contol and fear powers. Healing is often a secondary concern at best.

Udo is interested in conflict, only if it is over ideals. Most of his influences is apparent through fire, heat and unexplainable magical effects. Items connected with strong emotions or causes spontaneously enchant, or gain new powers. The Arcane skill can be taken as a class skill by any character.

His two lesser gods also work towards the same goals. In essance Blyun inspires new ideas, and Arete ensures that ideas are spread and recorded.

Blyun handles most prophecies, and inspires new ideas. His intervention is almost completely mental. He is the patron of many Bards, tinkers, artificers and thinkers. Blyun is frequently concerened with individual, especially those he sees as creative.

Arete is more interested in the transfer of information. Books regarding magical experiments which should only be known to a few can turn up any any library. Rituals invented by one person spread quickly to anyone interested. One of Arete’s credos is “knowledge wants to be free”
If there is a god of gossip, news and rumor – Arete is it.

All three Gods are unaligned, and they do not judge if information is good or bad. There worshipers however are encouraged to do so. Many passionately take up a cause and serve it with thier lives. Only followers of Arete are known for being unemotinal, or neutral.

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