The Seer

Rumors of Cynidicea:
The Angry Badgers current long-term mission is to find Cycidicea, and stop the rains of slime.

The Seer
A womans voice from out of the mist says: I am the sybil of the well. If you swear not to permanently harm me or reveal my presence to others I will show you visions of the future.

You stand behind a man in a crown of ice before him stands a cheering throng. Goliaths in uniform, stand in disciplined ranks between him and the crowd. The buildings are in an ancient style, but look new. In the background you can see a harbor still under construction. The landscape looks familiar to some of you, but changed.

Pale young goliaths, and human barbarians scale a mountain cliff. Behind them, the sky is filled with a dark cloud of ash and fire. One of the Goliaths holds out a branch to a laughing Dwarf. The rash he will get from touching poison cedar should fade in a few days. The mountains appear to be those east of Garlach.

What is the end of the Age of Fire?
The dead forest, rotting trunks thrust up from the sand and ash. Hundreds of elves and halflings slip between the trees, their bows and spears made of bone rather than wood, although the swords are still steel. Ahead of the hellsworn knights stand guard as a heavyset horned devil in robes talks with a red-haired human, with a two-bladed sword. Naked humans, and muzzled dragonborn wearing collars and leg chains follow in lines behind the knights.

Quaking dwarves laying down their weapons amid the rubble. A woman in dark robes and a stylized bronze mask stands at the edge of the mostly clear town square. Behind her men in animal masks stand ready. Off to one side a large slime is devouring bodies.

If PCs (Keel, Chester, Tamarack, Kazador) each PC who violates the oath (or agrees to a violation) is FATE CURSED
Rank 1: cannot crit.
rank 2: has a “10” assigned to them. Each session the DM can exchange one of their d20 rolls for this 10.
Rank 3: cannot gain levels. (adds to rank 2)
Religion Check to improve @ the start of each session. (BASED ON DISEASE RULES)

The Report:
Dwarves quake before slime
Goliaths climb happily
Dragonborn in chains

Belzan rebuilt by winter
While your city falls, suckers

Shadowtounge, Weeping Son,
Fire Lord, DevilMaster,
False Tree, Darkstar.

(it is possible that the firelord refers to Earthshadow, now deceased high wizard of Stolem)

The magic box:
Teleports messages t o the city of Umon Ikar. Due to the interession of ARETE the box will not transmit false prophesies. Hints, Snark and Misdirection all transmit noramlly.

Drow outpost
Badgers attacked by drow women including : Lorelli of house Noquar (bronze nightmare)
Lorelli claimed she was tryning to leave her house and become a surface dweller. She told the Badgers about the secret entrance the drow use into Cynidicea.

Watchers of the Deep
A secret society gathering information about underdark. Few know why. Had a Minotaur Galadiator named Tramask watching the well of wisdom. Informed the badgers about the Eye of Zargon.

1. Are the Badgers going to do the quests for stolem and the prime (wilden) or subcontract them out to lower level adventurers?
2. Further research involving your Eladrin enemy (Ghael Immerial’s) or the location of buried Cynidicea

Return to Stolem
A quick stop in Stolem, will allow PCs to learn of the Death of the Kraken, and the death of Father Mason. They will also have the option of subcontracting the Kell’s left hand Band to do either a quest for the Wilden or Transport the Iron Orb for Stolem. If PCs admit to having a barbarian tribe. The Lady of Stolem will mention that you will either have to rebuild a ruin, or perhaps carve some new territory out of Spiderdark forest. – Researching CYNIDICEA in Avordel, will involve contacting Venessa. She can explain the three societies of Ancient CYN, in some detail. Adding that the slime god worshipers are a 4th group which took over just before the society collapsed. She can also shed further light on the nature of Zargon, the type of magic used by the inhabitants, and legendary holy sites.

Power Centers in Stolem
(from greatest to least, approximately)
Knight Captain Shade
Governor Grafton IV
Lady Fodder
Assorted Noble Families (Hearth, Vaascqu, Maxillia)
Church of Fire
Angry Badgers
Military Troops
Knight Captain Wainscouting
Popular Support

Yes your party is a power block.

A midnight raid on Knight Captain Shades office revealed that he seems to have a partial grasp of the future. Some of this is in hiku, some is not: Examples: he has the prophecy re: earthshadow, with a note saying DL did not live.
Should the dragon lord
Live an hour past his birth
god weapons needed

Another note seems to list how much money he will make on an adventure, 2 weeks before his departure.

The Seer

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