The Burning of Garlach

as reported by an innocent bystander Beth Charles

Im sure the whole fire was the fault of those people that ran the Angry Badger. Especially Chester Dooligan he is a total Cad. They had press ganged the whole neighborhood into just protecting thier building, when much finer establishments like the Gleeful Guppy Tavern, where tuesday is ladies of the evening night to get 1/2 priced drinks.

The people hanging around the AB wisely listened to my reasoning, and were willing to accept a free drink to come protect the better establishment. I also mentioned seeing that fire haired cook, following around some fire creatures who were burning everything!

Only two parts of the town remained intact, the wealthy district which paid staff to fight fires and the slums, where all those people banded togeather to protect thier homes. those poor dears, they fight so hard to protect so little.

I saw a educated fellow from Avordel hanging around the tavern and assured him it was okay to go in while the owners were away, alhough it would probably take forever for them to get back. He asked about some kind of important scroll the cook owned. So I pointed out her room, and said he was welcome to look, it would probably burn up shortly anyway.

The owners finally rememberd to come back to the place, so I mentioned to some of the regulars hanging around the Guppy, that they were back. Big Rich and two fine hunks of flesh headed out to have a chat with them. I tagged along out of curiosity. It looked like the badgers murdered those nice young men, and Rich barely got out alive. The educated fellow from Avordel also had to jump out a window, as the Inn caught fire.

That firey woman followed him out moments later, and she would have broken her neck except that huge bouncer was waiting to catch her. Not Chester, he would not have bothered. Then the big lug ran back into the burning building! not to save anyone of course, but just to get that silly scroll.

The Angry Badger Inn burned down.
but not the Gleeful Guppy, finest drinking establishement left in Garlach!

The owners headed off still carrying thier old tavern sign. I heard later they were seen camping outside the ruins of Belzan. If they don’t vanish into that cursed city, they will probably become bandits preying on those people leaving Garlach, and seeking refuge in Stolem Or they may just offer “protection” to distraught women fleeing the fire. Im know which ONE of them will suggest that …

The Burning of Garlach

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