Aspects: Earth, infrastructure, creation, civilization, crafters.
Domain powers allowed: Earth Creation, Civilization
Channel Divinity: Harmony of Erathis
Alignment: Good
Holy Symbol: Mountain (Triangle)
Common Worshipers: Clerics, Paladins, some primal classes.
Origin: Primordial God

God of Earth, infrastructure, creation and civilization. He is in charge of rebuilding the world after the Age of Death. He strives to increase the reach of civilization. Roads, cities, massive agriculture and water projects are his forte. To a lesser extent he is interested in people who make essential things – pots, clothing, plows, barrels, but not armor or all metal weapons, which he leaves to Kell. Because he is interested in the spread and advancement of mankind and other civilized races, he is good aligned.

He has delegated the responsibilities of fertility, and the raw strength of the earth to his lesser gods. His worshipers use massive weapons like craighammers, mordenkrads or mauls, and pay little attention to armor. In battle his priests also concentrate on increasing endurance of allies (healing & temp hp) as well as weapon attacks. His priests are called to officiate at weddings, and at peace treaties. His priests and worshipers favor earth tones and raw or nearly uncut gemstones. His holy days are marked with feasts and gift giving. His clerics will happily put down murders, monsters and rogue animals, but they are not as concerned with other types of crime, or evil creatures who seek to control rather than destroy.

During his age (recently passed) tremendous feats of strength were common, and people found buildings roads and cities built or finished overnight. His age is considered necessary to balance to the Age of Death that precedes it. Tavo’s Age is always a time of rebuilding and population growth.

Miro is the god of Strength, especially as it flows out of the earth. His clerics mostly disdain range attack powers, focusing on direct damage and aiding allies. They like physical competitions and frequently go on missions to prove their personal worth. His worshipers include Wardens, Avengers, Barbarians, and many Fighters.

Vesna is the goddess of fertility, and of little interest to adventures. Few of her clerics ever enter battle, or receive training at arms. Most live quiet, useful lives, and are supported by their communities.

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