Smooth Sailing

Captains Log

3rd Cycle, Age of Fire , Year 103

July 29th: Garlach
My prayers are answered. Here in Garlach I finally found a group willing to help me salvage the Wreck of Saint Asmo in the Dead lightshores. They are called the “Angry Badgers” and only a few days earlier were given the title “Defenders of Garlach” Which unless I am very much mistaken is the first of three “Heroes of the City” titles given in Stolem.

The group is trying to get to that city of mobile plants called Greenbriar as a part of some PLAN
They agreed to half the haul from the wrecked ship, and a half price passage to Darbia. With his hall I can finally get clean of those money grubbing money lenders and have enough to retire on.

August 2nd: Stolem
Peaceful voyage so far. Three of the crew seem to have taken a like to the Badgers; Ruth my best lookout, Crafty Dave, and that little shit Mike. Flash as usual is staying aloof, is there some rivalry between stone giants and Dragonborn? The priest of Tavo and the wood priest seem to be talking all the time, but Harkon priest Brother Mathias seems nervous about it.

August 4th : Deadlight Shoals
Bad omens – encountered dead albatross and porpoises. Crew nervous
Salvage and Mutiny ! While I was struck by a loose spar, and some of the badgers were salvaging the wreck, Flash stirred up a mutiny. Brother Mathias had a seizure and foretold doom. There was some fighting but it was quelled when the divers returned to the ship. This time the badgers had found the statue I was looking for. The statue is of a golden man with small horns, and it is not heavy enough to be solid gold. I don’t know why __________ wanted it, but I’ll be glad enough to give to him. Luckily there was no sign of the Devil fish I had heard lived in these waters.

The Priest of says that the wood priest is a fake, and Mathis will remain tied up under the life boat, as he has not regained sanity.

Addendum: The pirate ship “Savage Tide” attacked us, I was able to hold off the pirates attacking to the fore, and the Angry Badgers held off those attacking the Aft, mainly by throwing them into the sea. Two of the badger’s swung over to the pirate ship, and I had to order them back. It was left to Ruth to take out the black-robed Theurge who burned off my mainsail. Flash was lost over the side in the confusion.

Ruth just spotted some burning lights approaching through the sky, I’m needed on deck.
Is that an arm coming through my lifeboat???

Treasure: (660 gp)
Treasure map decorated with curious glyphs (worth 100 GP); Gold pendant infused with primal energy (worth 150 GP), 200 gp, 1000 sp, and 110 gp in pirate jewelry,
+2 Holy Symbol Divine Reach (8th) Acrobat Boots (3rd) +1 Tratnyr of Distance (1st)

Smooth Sailing

Eldri Coast Bosmo