Smoking wheels glade

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Having saved the Heart of Spiderwood forest from a giant mechanical badger, and a crew of half-mechanical ratmen, the Angry Badgers assaulted the last camp of the Burning Raven Orcs.
Killing their priest, legions of orc children and several women, they trapped the Orc chief in his hut and burned it to the ground. Exhausted adult orcs dribbled into camp, also meeting death at the hands of the badgers. For all practical purposes the tribe of burning ravens is now extinct. The next day they continued to the smoking grove to confront the rat king, unaware of how much had changed.

Smoking Glade
Two golems, a handful of rats, clockwork spiders and 1 last orc guarded the front door. The smoke of the smoking grove apparently coming from a smithy or forge far below. The Badgers moved into the rats lair, where the common ratmen proved barely an annoyance. In a dining room separated by wooden screens. The rat king, his metal butler waited along with a Drow, his two minotaur guards and a hell-sworn knight (who was kind of far from the Kingdom of Teuni).The Ratking spent some time in the feywild, and after a long struggle the others were defeated. An infernal spider crawled out of the last golem and claimed the rat king’s soul, likely as payment for the wide variety of mechanical spiders found in the lair. Some of which seem to have come directly from the workshops of Hell.

The rat king was even carrying a key to the door marked treasury. Unfortunately the key only opened the first of five doors, and it only seemed to make the traps madder. After being crushed, poisoned, sliced and flattened the angry badgers reached the final room. Its only contents were a book reading “Not actually the treasury, and my brother knows explosive runes” (Boom)

Actual Treasure
After they Badgers recovered, a fortune in mithril trade bars was found in the drow’s room, where he had unpacked, but not yet spent the night. There was also the remains of a linked portal ritual, which could only have been cast to transport people out of the rat’s lair. An elven translator stone was also recovered from the rat kings chambers. The rat king’s Scepter was eaten by Chester’s scepter – shadowy gears now turn beneath the ice of the weapon. Later Keel single handily dismantled a furnace, tearing a +2 Flametounge sword from its bowels.

The pause in the invasion allowed many of the ratmen to retreat either into the woods, or deep into the mines (or both?). The smelting workshop was nearly deserted, more so after the Badgers dropped a last golem down the mineshaft, along with the chains and buckets that allowed access.

Into the Feywild
On the advice of a gnome, only seen by Chester, the Angry Badgers make for the Feywild, following the story in the book of tales. Tricking the Faeire Ferryman for passage to the Isle at the center of the Lake of Sorrows, the party finds an old ring of stones, inscribed with an opening ritual.

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Smoking wheels glade

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