Slime and Tears

Kenneth and Chester emerged from the gate, you see your companions enter just inches ahead of the giant, but they never emerge. When you passed through the gate there was and endless moment where you hung suspended in a warm silvery void. Kenneth spent long enough in the nothingness to weave strands of silver thread out of the void, and layer them into a fine shimmering cloak.
Emerging from the gate both men felt stronger and in more control of the world.

The Barbarians were cowed again and Chester was named king of the Reborn tribe (although they keep forgetting and calling him chief). Currently 15 warriors, half a dozen gnolls and a quivery voiced shaman named Nodon.

The shaman remembered some tales about rains of slime from his grandfather’s time (800 sleep +50 yrs.) The kingdom of Cynidicea, sacrificed people to a slime god named Zargon. Grandfather’s tribe smashed the kingdom and put an end to it.

Kenneth and Chester released the Dwarven temple frozen in ice, finding only a single old dwarf spirit.
He poured his power into the temples alter, a single use healing for another time. The next morning Keel and Kazador stumbled through the portal, carrying a lock of the dead Obyeron’s hair.

Reunited, the surviving Angry Badgers shared stories and discussed raising their fallen companion from the dead. They transferred the power from the alter to the lock of hair. Then new barbarians arrived, aiming for chester’s head. Mostly the Reborn sworn to Chester were kept out of the battle. Unsettlingly many of the invaders dissolved into slime as they died.

The leader (Borov) was killed, and many of the others were captured. A note in giant was with found on the bodies: An offer from Ravid the Black – although compelled to fight the Badgers, he would avoid targeting them with Bleak Doom, and inflict damage on both sides with his Area spells. In exchange he wanted his life, his sled, and a large body.

The Badgers decided that if Ravid was allowed to go free he would probably return with another army.
It was time for him to die. Before they finished the communications spell there was another attack. More gnolls and barbarians came in through the magical gate. They were followed by 40 human woman and children. Bortex the barbarian hero led this group wielding a sword made of ice, and bragging he had trained every day since the last time the badgers had beaten him up, and left him in underwear, hogtied on a table in the front room.

His fate this time was similar- but now covered in mocking graffiti.

All of the barbarians and gnolls that attacked the fortress were suffering from Slimy Doom.
The Badgers used the remaining power of the dwarven ghost to magnify a cure disease ritual. Unfortunately it seemed to help only half the sick.

That night the true horror of Slimy Doom became apparent. Victims transformed into unintelligent Welps of Zargon. Several of the dying became a demon recognizable as a spawn of Jubilex – Demon Lord of Slime.
The Angry Badgers settled into defend the Caern of the Winterking. They are not sure how far the winter army is, but know that it is on its way to attack them. The Dragon Snow White seems enraged at her long sleeping husband’s death.

Slime and Tears

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