Rumors of Risa

The Empire of Risa is the name of a mostly human empire on the far (Eastern) side of the Dry lands. It was created by a band of heroes who planned ahead for the age of death and were ready to expand as soon as it ended. They were led by a Warlord, who apparently had achieved some mesure of immortality, as he ruled for the entire age of Earth (200 years). He died the day the age ended. His companions were rumored to have left the Prime Material world, although he may have called them back to assist him when the world was threatend in the year 3-1-95.

The southwestern province rebelled in near the end of the age of earth, led by the wizard Saruun (founder of the seven-pillared hall). A paladin of steel, and member of the Tiefling “Order of the Fallen Stars”. The third member was an eladrin witch of surpassing beauty and talkativeness. The witch was the only survivor of the three.

After the death of the seemingly immortal emperor, the empire was held togeather by his chief paladin for a few years before it splinered into city states, leaving only the core of the empire united under a Patriarch of Udo (fire).

The best way to get to Risa is along the silver paths of the Feywild.

Rumors of Risa

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