Rubrik of Tulket (Dretch)

One of a collection of Documents known as the Black Scrolls of Amn.
the Rubrick of Tulket: Dretch is chiefly concerned with the lowliest and most annoying of demonkind.

It functions as a Tome of Binding +1

  • +2 item bonus to arcane checks regarding elemental creatures.
  • Read scroll (encounter, minor) Close Burst 1, resist poison 5 Till end of next turn.
  • Summon Dretch (Daily, Standard) as wizard 1

Info: Owner should read Dretch entry in MM2
“Dretches are unique among demonkind that they can occasionally remember parts of the mortal life they led before being damned. In a few rare cases Dretch have been observed using extraordinary powers. Pod Demons are a more advanced form of Dretch. “

The scroll is cowardly, advocating running away from any serious threats. It is eager for its owner to learn new rituals, or forms of magic. It whines begs and lays guilt trips in pursuit of these goals.

Increasing Concordance:

these will increase the power of the artifact.

Owner gains a level

Owner is a Ritual caster

Owner learns a ritual = to level

Owner defeats an elemental

(decrease) Owner is reduced to 0 hp

(decrease) Owner enters an abyssal node/ the abyss.

(decrease)Owner kills a ritual caster

Rubrik of Tulket (Dretch)

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