Pirates, Orcs and a Baby, OH MY!

After resting from our fight with the evil manta rays, we loaded the chest on to our boat and set sail for Arbordale. We open the chest to find gold and silver coins, along with two pieces of glass fruit; an apple and a pear. No sooner than we had looked over our bounty a pirate ship pulled up along side us. It was the notorious Captain Darago and his salty looking crew. In reality, we have no idea who this guy was and really did not fear him.

To gain the upper hand, we raised a white flag to the top of our mast drawing them in closer to us. As the grappling hooks hit our boat we hooked them on to make sure they were not going to get away. Little did they know of our trap. Jumping from our ship to theirs we made quick work of the crew. We offered to let Captain Darago go free if he would trade ships with us. Not wanting to visit Dave Jones Locker, he took the offer and set sail on our much smaller vessel. Now The Badgers would sail in style on a much larger and well outfitted ship.

Arriving in Arbordale several days later, we made our way to a local merchant and sold off the glass fruit for 525g each. Quite a payday for some glass fruit. Hope it wasn’t magical. While in town we decide to pay a visit to the local Magic Academy and try to obtain a link portal ritual and permission to use their portal to get to and from Arbordale. Once we have secured the ritual, Kenneth tries it out opening a portal to the Winter King’s Castle. The only issue…there is a solid block of ice covering the portal at the castle. Oh well.

While we have been on our shopping trip, Captain Dave managed to secure a crew to man the new ship. Chester is working on a flag for the newly formed Angry Badger Trading Co.

Kenneth suggests we head back to Garlach since we can just portal there now. Open portal, hello Garlach. Upon arrival in Kenneth’s old house a voice speaks to us, “It is about time, you are almost too late.” Too late?? For what?? Oh that orc raid on Stolem most likely, heh, details. Another ritual cast and we are on phantom steeds heading for Stolem. After two days of travel we arrive in the area of Stolem. A thick fog has set in over the city. Many of the buildings outside the city are dark and abandoned. Are we too late?

Kenneth explains to us it is too hot and too muggy for this time of year. Orcs have been here and it is drawing the attention of the Fire God. We continue toward the gates of the city and talk our way past the guards to gain audience with the Commander. The Commander writes us passes to join the fight against the orcs. I can’t wait to spill their blood. It appears the Steelclash, Skullcrushers and Burning Ravens have united to besiege Stolem. While we wait for the morning to come, we seek out our contact the glassblower.

He has our orange bowl ready and I provide him with his next task. Find us teleportation circles we can use to travel to Stolem and the surronding area. He is going to see what he can do while we save the city.

When arriving is Stolem I was greeted by a somewhat attractive woman named Joleen, who looked bigger in the middle if you know what I mean. She was happy I had returned and explained there is a little Chester on the way. Yeah! Not! Anyway, we had no where else to stay so we stayed at the refugee house Joleen and her family ran. I made sure to provide her a goblin gold or two, to take care of little Chester. As morning approached we returned to being heroes and went to get our orders from the Commander.

We were to besiege the tower deep in the Orc teritory and allow a counter-strike by the city troops. Meh, sneaking in and taking a tower? I would rather slaughter them all for what they did to me many years ago. But using our better judgement we are cloaked in an illusion making us look like Steelclash orcs. We make it to the tower and lay waste to several 100 orcs. Kenneth rushes to the top of the tower and sets off the signal for the city troops. A giant flaming badger can be seen for miles in every direction. And nothing happens. No guards, no flying birds, nothing. Well no point is staying here waiting so we head for the Burning Raven camp to see what trouble we can get into. Part way to the second camp we see griffons flying overhead for the tower. About time the troops showed up.

Reaching the Burning Raven camp we find several of them and a large portal in the back of the camp. Our party manages to stave off the onslaught of the Burning Ravens. I throw a severed head of one of the Ravens through the portal as a warning of what will happen if they come through. Keel and Kazador begin work to break the supports of the portal hopefully shutting it down. Kenneth begins casting spells at the crossbar trying to help. No sooner than we start the breakage, more orcs step forth from the abyss…

Pirates, Orcs and a Baby, OH MY!

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