Orcs at the gates of dawn

I was assigned to the Eastern gate of Stolem, the one where the great wizard earthshadow came to fight the orc hordes.

The wizard Earthshadow asked for our support saying that he would be drawing on our strength. He warned the townspeople to stay back, and said he would not be able to protect any that joined the fight. When the orcs came he responded.

Fire, exploding earth and more fire, Some of the men drew back, not me though, I stayed strong. I poured oil and fired my crossbow when the wall was clear. We had to work to protect the gate, but mostly it was the wizard. When he was at the height of his power, It looked like he grew taller, his neck and fingers becoming longer and more flexible. He must have been 7’ tall at the time. The rumors that he has the blood of dragons in him must be true. I saw him throw 3 fireballs in the time it took me to fire a single shot. The earth itself would erupt and devour the orcs. When He grew tired he would draw further strength from the me and the other guards. After a while many of some of the men were feeling weak and dizzy, The Captains or Apprentices ordered them off the wall.

Things came close a once when orcs got to the top of the wall, but that knight with the flaming sword got there and cleared it. That must have been when that apprentice bought it. What was his name Pierce? He didn’t seem to be doing much before he got killed. When the orcs started fleeing he went after them , torching them as they ran. Yes every plant within 200 feet of the walls is dead, and I hear that some of the soldiers leaving the wall didn’t make it. That is a small price to pay for victory!

With the lord governor dead, he has my support for the next ruler of Stolem. Who else is there? And if someone else got the job, they would have to look to Earthshadow to get things done.

Orcs at the gates of dawn

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