Orc Tribes

Updated with info on the horde attacking Stolem

SkullCrushers – One of the largest and most aggressive orc tribes. The Skullcrushers make war against everyone. The previous great chieftain was killed fighting against Stolem. This tribe hungers for revenge, but is fearful of Stolem. They may strike out in other directions randomly. Skullcrushers are fairly tough individually and have a more warriors per chief or sub-chief.
They make up the bulk of the Orcs attacking Stolem, out numbering the other two tribes. The combined horde numbers just under 4000 warriors.
Bloodragers, Priests of Gruumash, Warriors

Burning Ravens (Killed off) – This tribe is the most religious, they are controlled by the Shamans of Grumash the Burning. They are unpredictable because they depend on prophecy and soothsayers to guide them. Many of them have burn scars. The warriors are not as tough as other orcs but burst into flame when killed. Others use alchemist fire and napalm pots as weapons. These explode in death, sometimes causing more damage to allies than enemies. They seemed to have developed a small group of “heritics” that combine the talents of a hellsworn knight and defiling magic. They Led the war against Stolem, supported by infernal advisers. The tribe is now virtually extinct with one last group of women and children killed by the Angry Badgers in SpiderDark forest.
Heritics, Rampagers, Fireflingers, Burning Warriors, Burning Priests, swarms of children

Steelfangs – this tribe is dispersed into small groups which constantly set up small lairs. They try and bully other creatures to working for them, and beat the worst of any attack. They never retreat once attacked, and do their best to make sure enemies don’t either. Many of them joined in an attack on Stolem, where they had proportionally more leaders and champions than other tribes. Many members of this tribe were killed, in the war against Stolem. Many of the Burning Raven survivors were adopted into this tribe.
Chieftains, Priests of Gruumash, Skirmishers, Warriors

Thornskins – This Tribe is very territorial, aggeresively attacking intruders, or people found on its boarders. They make slow almost careful gains of land. It is not a threat to the outside world, unless all this security is to protect some dark secret. They have been found to use more primal magics and create wooden gateways. Olpan Spirtbreaker, a paragon shaman belongs to this tribe.
Wardens, Skirmishers, Druids, Beserkers

Blacktooth Gnashers – this tribe is more open to traders than others. It welcomes commerce with people from the civilized cities, and is currently led by Grovar the half-orc. This change has only been in the bas five years, before that it was as savage as any other orc tribe.

Orc Tribes

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