"Orc orc orc!" "Yeah, well same to you!"

Keel, Kaz and Kobe continue to pound away at the supports of the hell gate and Kenneth blasts it with his magic. Me, I just stand and wait for them to finish what they are doing. Mostly I am thinking about where we will go next. What far off land will be in need of our services next. No sooner am I daydreaming of beaches and palm trees, I hear a strange grunting sound and it is not the normal grunting from Kazador’s belly. ORCS!

Not just orcs, a humaoid figure clad in a leather mask with cuts all over his body charges from the portal. Behind him two orcs and two legion devils emerge and engage the party. The battle rages on and we continue to try and smash the supports cutting off the flow of devils through the portal. Two more legion devils and a spined devil are able to cross over before Kaz is finally able to knock down a support. The collasping support almost falls on Keel but he was able to dodge out of the way. The spine devil makes a run for it, escaping our onslaught. As the pain devil dies, he turned his head toward us and says, “by sealing the gate you have doomed the world!” Whatever, like we haven’t heard that before.

With the battle complete, we move inside the farmhouse near by to take a short rest before heading back to the tower and meet up with Earthshadow. Before we can settle in to our rest the spined devil returns with twelve orcs to try and finish us off. I think not. Bracing ourselves at the top of the stairs, we wait for the orcs to come to us. As they funnel up the stairs to their death, we also have to deal with the spined devil and orc shaman out in the yard. Once they realize they cannot deal with the Badgers of Awesomeness, the shaman thinks it would be a good idea to run for it.

Keel makes a daring and unexpected move. Leaping from the second story window, he lands tucks and rolls and flings his great axe at the shaman. The blade lodges between his shoulders and he drops to the ground, the shaman is no more. I was truly amazed at this feat of bravery shown by Keel. Of course I had to stagger the last of the orcs providing Keel the opportunity to slay it, thus I saved the farm and most likely the world from certain disaster. We are able to collect three heratic medalions and three heratic chalices from the dead in the area. These will fetch a nice price for sure. I think I will keep one of the chalices for future use.

After finishing our previously interupted rest, we head back to the tower to see how Earthshadow and his men are doing. Arriving at the tower we find Rastor the Burning Blade standing guard outside the door. He looks horrible and we help him back inside the tower. The tower is not in much better shape than Rastor. He tells us Earthshadow is on the roof of the tower. As we head up to the roof, Kenneth and I pass by countless bodies of orcs and Stolem guard. We run into one of the sole remaining priests who tells us Earthshadow was defiling the area with disregard for his troops and soldiers.

On the roof we are immediately questoined by his lordship of earth destruction. “Why didn’t we stay at the tower?” – “We waited a while, you were too slow, so we went and saved the world.” Our turn, “Why did you defile this area and kill your men?” – “Because I am really an evil guy and I don’t care about people.” Then he agrees to summon some eagles and get us back to Stolem. We head to report in to the Commander, who also asks why we did not stay at the tower. Don’t you people understand how important what we did was to the world? Anyway, we dismiss ourselves and head off to get a good nights sleep before the morning debrief.

At the debrief the next morning, we are informed most of the cavalry has been wiped out or is lost on the battlefield. Earthshadow, who I am growing more and more annoyed with, speaks poorly of our help and tries to turn the people against us. He is pure EVIL! We are told the orc forces are going to make one last push to take the city. A guard group is needed on the North Gate and the East Gate. We agree to watch the North, Captain EVIL will take a group and watch the East. Kenneth is going to scout on his dragon for more Burning Ravens in the area.

I am placed in command, rightfully so. Orcs begin storming the gates in the early part of the day. The men seem to be less then co-operative due to the tales spun in the morning meeting. None the less we will prevail. A loud crash signals the gate is giving way. Splintering into a thousand pieces the wood is scattered across the streets. A 9 foot tall, volcanic rat statue with 7 orcs rush through the gate. As the group focuses on the orcs and statue, I manage to stagger the rat backward allowing Keel to strike at a soft spot dropping the abomination. Hundreds of orcs are now flooding the streets. We are knee deep in their dead bodies when the guards finally get the gate closed and reenforced. Stolem is safe again, thanks to the Angry Badgers.

The citizens hail us as heroes and demand we are given the title “Protectors of Stolem”. Well deserved indeed and will go nicely with my other titles. Checking in on the East Gate, Earthshadow has defiled the entire East side of the city. What a pile of dragon poop he is. The people of the city witnessed the acts and are now leery of Earthshadow. We are told Pierce died in the battle. I think the defiler killed him and he shows no morse.

We are in desperate need of some ale, women and then maybe some rest. The Badgers will take some time to plan our next move. Meanwhile, the orcs will retreat and regroup…

Orcs at the gates of dawn

"Orc orc orc!" "Yeah, well same to you!"

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