Mines, Mud-wrestling and a Mummers Court

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The Dwarf City – Umon Ikar

The tunnels to Umon Ikar were mostly clear of hostile creatures, occasionally things would flee before your light. Finally you reach the chasm that marks the edge of the dwarven territory. At the stone bridge you are stopped by a squad of dwarves. The leader is wearing platemail with a sunburst motif, and backed up by x-bows and axemen. Teleporting is not possible in Umon Ikar.

Ruled by a council of three – representing military, wealth and priesthood.
- Nor Fimhand is charge of the merchant class leads the other two. Deagal Firmhnad is his wastrel son, a knife fighter.
- The taxes on city residents are high, and most of the people are very poor. He is a little paranoid, and devotes the bulk of finances to magical protections for the city.
- Each knowledgeable NPC will know 1-2 rumors. Gather Info (1d4+1 hr) dc 24 to uncover an unnamed source of rumors.

The streets are narrow and vertical, many were carved from seams of metal. They are normally 10-20 wide and 30’-50 tall. The streets are mostly lined with shops, with 3-6 levels of apartments above. The streets are crooked wandering and long. Cross streets are narrow and not as tall, sometimes stairs lead to the cross streets. Fearsomely carved gargoyles peer down, giving the whole place an oppressive feel. Many of the statues are carved to look like dragons, others are angels and devils.
Dwarves, and humans wander the streets, the humans invariably speak with a (Russian) krovarian accent.
Golden ribbons of light, much like the aurora borealis lights the main roads.
- This effect also controls the gargoyals and interferes with teleporting (24 arcane check)

The dwarves bury their dead in a necropolis below the city. This occasionally gives rise to Angry undead or spirits. A female drow merchant has set up a large shop in the city. Her hatred of other drow is well known, and others will vouch for her experience, knowledge and advice about killing them .

The previous military leader (dead 12 years ago) drank from the well of wisdom and predicted the doom of the world: he provided only this: List of six names: General Belathic Gravelhelm

Shadowtounge, Weeping Son,
Fire Lord, DevilMaster,
False Tree, Darkstar

• A pair of dwarven brothers comes to the PCs complaining because they don’t have enough money to raise their companion from the dead. They don’t have anywhere the amount of cash they need. Their dead companion is a priest of Miro (strength) currently not getting along with the priests of fire. They have 100 gp, and will offer a favor. They don’t know much about CYN, but do know the tales of the well of wisdom. They can provide maps (+2 to dungoneering)
A third member of the group is a Knight of the Fallen Stars.
• Magnificent Sun – A Inn that caters to surface dwellers. It is run by the Halfling Horo. Met the Krovarian woman Sienna, and got into a fight with her friends. Keel fell in love with her.
• Charlotte’s – A drow woman runs a toy shop. Most of her goods are wood or cloth toys, that appear to be the work of many different people, with a variety of skill. Some are obviously second hand. A glass display case has complicated mechanical and wind-up toys. (50-500gp)
Written in the carved webs – above her shop are several insults towards drow : “Some drow pigs”. She also offers to anti-toxin to anyone heading into drow territory, but will refund the cost (350gp) if they can return with a house badge.
1) There are a few small outposts nearby. 2) The largest Drow city is below spiderdeep forest 3) drow noble houses use a powerful sleeping poison. If asked about Cynidcea she will say that the triad has forbidden use of those tunnels, and suggest they try and get permission, unofficial access might require an exchange of some sort. (she knows at least 1 new rumor)

• PCs are lured into a trap by a group of dwarven thugs .
• In the tunnels serious Encounters happen once every 3 days. Although this should be a skill challenge instead. (in the interest of handwaving unimportant events.
• The at least one drow outpost is very close to CYN. This group keeps accurate records of the guard shifts, and uses a water clock to mark time.

Umon Ikar
Population: 11,000
Standing Army 550: 13th Sun-hammer elites 10(x48), Footman 300, archers 150, others 56
- Gargoyles: 32
Temples of Fire: 12, 12, 5(x8)
Rogues guild: 13,12, 11(x2), 6×6)
Wizards &Sorcerers 12, 12, 8(x4)
Commoners: 18th

Gold Streets 1st-4th
Copper Avenues 1-2nd
Blackstone Lane 1
Rock Street 1-5th
- Overpasses 1st -9th
- Counter streets 1-3rd

Sunhammers are L10 soldiers, all can spend/grant 1 surge as a minor action.
Inns: Illustrious Tavern(racist dwarven owner), Blissful Fire (main square), Rusty devil (dive)
Magnificent Sun (caters to humans, run by Halfling, has rooms)
Bar: Splendid Cup (3rd rockstreet, owner can find a room for rent)

Before the Triad – Umon Ikar
Reverend Mrs. Huakdeth Brightforge – An older dwarf woman in fine clothing, She wears a golden symbol of fire set with small rubies.
General Gesnar Gravelhelm – the youngest of the triad. shiney, polished armor with several medals.
Dunan FirmHand – Older male, very confidant. His clothes are expensive, but showing the wear of years.

Killing Deagal 5500, Killing companion (1500 each) destroying statue (2000 each) Assault Charges (500)
If a witness is obtained, assault and murder charges are dropped, but destroying gargoyle charges remain.

Mines, Mud-wrestling and a Mummers Court

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