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3rd cycle of the world, – Age of Fire – year 103

Each cycle is composed of six ages, named for each of the six greater gods: Earth, Fire, Steel, Air, Water, and Wood. During their age, that god ascends and shapes the world for that time.
Gods that are not ruling the Age and still provide power to avengers, clerics and other worshipers, but do not provide diviine interventions or prophecies.
As each cycle ends the previous civilizations are swept away, leaving only ruins and legends. During that time, Death is ascendant. It has only been 303 years since the last cycle ended. Udo the God of Fire has been in charge for the last 103 years. He brings change, inflamed passions, chaos and magic.

During the Second Cycle, the Eldri Coast was heavily forested and inhabited by elves, gnomes and eladrin. The ruling eladrin were already far removed from the feywild. 800 years ago the civilization to the north began to sink, leaving only a huge inland sea. The rural populations moved first. They adopted Primal worship and joined the elven society. Some eladrin resented the intrusion and returned to the Feywild.

After another 300 years, the 2nd cycle ended. The rest of the northern people were forced to move by both the rampaging humanoids (gnolls and orcs mostly) that sprang up at the end of the last cycle and by a cooling climate. The Newcomers built up the cities of the Eldri Coast and pushed back the darkness.

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