Aspects: Water, healing, society, empathy
Domain powers allowed: Sea, Skill, Civilization
Channel Divinity: Melora’s Tide
Alignment: unaligned
Holy Symbol: drop of water falling into pool.
Common Worshipers: Clerics, healers, diplomats, bards, telepaths
Origin: Primordial Goddess

Iva is the goddess of healing and societies. She is very empathetic and believes that pain is the enemy. She thinks that society and place within society are very important. She has a large court than most gods, and was one of the first to raise mortals to divine status. Her court is a place of shifting alliances and jockeying for power. But there is a unspoken safety net that prevents people from falling too low. Even losers should have the opportunity to rise again. She prefers non-lethal methods, but has no compunction about killing beasts, undead or others that would never be part of a society. Iva is also the first and best mind reader among the gods.

When Iva is ascended societies tend towards greater complexity. Plots, alliances and networks become more common. During the last of age of water, the society of the old kingdom became too complex and decadent and one plot led to a large part of the Old Kingdom being turned into a lake.
Her interventions take the form of healing, unexpected success in society or advancement in organizations and social standing.

Many pacifist priests worship Iva, but others are more martial, or more pragmatic. She herself favors the net and spear, but weapons are no especially important to her. Her clerics are well known for there skills in healing and for healing rituals. Some psions worship her rather than Udo, due to her mind reading abilities. All of her priesthood are assumed to be trained in diplomacy, healing and insight. In addtion to healers she is favored by diplomats seeking non-violent solutions, and courtiers trying to gain advancement.

(Lesser Gods:)
Carcer Pragmatism (Skill, Strength, Fate) .. mortal
A mortal who is the epitome of unaligned, or selfish motivations. His clerics preach on the strength of the individual, and there rights and freedoms. The ends always justifies the means.
In life he may have been a bard, con-man, or rogue. Many of his battles were won with clever strategies or dirty tricks. As a god he is “the trickster” He is favored by those who rely on wits and improvisation for there lively hoods. He favors bladed or improvised weapons.

Wella Halflings Psionics (Arcane, Knowledge) .. mortal
The first psionic mortal to ascend, Wella was once a halfling telepath. She prefers to remain in the background when possible. Wella is still most interested in halflings, but is also called upon by many quiet women.

the Chronicler Fate (Fate, Justice, Knowledge) .. angel

Once an angel tasked with recording history, he was infected with empathy for the people that he watched. He hears the prayers of the desperate, and of gamblers. In Iva’s court he helps others to increase there status, rather than increasing his own. His priests try and create better destinies for others, striving to influence, or at least observe turning points in history.

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