Item Rarity

Items with properties or powers are uncommon unless on the list below. Some of these items appear in Heroes of the Fallen Lands and Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms . Some come from other sources and are intended to supply players with more common items. Common items can be sold for 20% of cost. Uncommon items can be sold at 50% of cost.

Common magic items

Name| Property (Restrictions)
Black Iron Armor resist fire, necrotic (Scale or Plate)
Sylvan Armor + Athletics and Stealth (Cloth, Leather, Hide)
Veteran’s Armor + 1 attacks with AP Any
Defensive Weapon + E with SW and Total Def
Vicious Weapon
Utility Staff + range with utility powers
Defensive Staff + 1 Def
Rod of Dark Reward + 1 ac when you curse an enemy
Rod of Hope Triumphant add THP after kill
Symbol of the Holy Nimbus Add chr healing cb5 with healing word
Symbol of Vigor (7th) + 1 att when at max Hp
Autumn Harvest Totem + 1 vs bloodied targets
Pure Spirit Totem daily healing + 1d6 per bonus
Bracers of Might Striking + 2 dmg with melee basic
Bracelet of the Radiant Storm
Shield of the Barrier Sentinels (9) + 1 AC & ref when flanked Level 9
Shield of Deflection resist 2/5/10 vs ranged attacks
Boots of Striding
Boots of Stealth + 2 stealth
Boots of Surging Speed shift 2 w/ second wind
Boots of Quickness (8) + 1 ref
Parry Gauntlets + 2 defense w/SW or Total Def
Gloves of Grace (daily) adj ally makes a save
Gloves of Agility + 1 to acrobatics & stealth
Diadem of Acuity + 2 perception & insight
Goggles of Night (14) Level 14
Helm of Battle + 1 party initiative
Circlet of Indomitably + will
Headband of Perception + 1 perception
Elven Cloak + stealth
Safewing Amulet - 10*per from falling
Collar of Recovery + E to Healing Surge
Belt of Vigor + 1 to Healing Surge
Belt of Vim + Fort
Girdle of the Oxen + 1 push with bull rush
Belt of Blood (10th) + CON to HS when bloodied
Potion of Healing
Potion of Vitality
Potion of Recovery

Age of Fire Common Items

Symbol of divine reach (3+)
Durable Armor (4+)
Flaming Weapon (3+) (lower item level)
Arcanist’s Glasses (3rd)
Hunter Flint (2nd)

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Item Rarity

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