Ice Scepter

level 12 rare item

Implement (Rod, Staff, Wand)
Value: 13000
Enhancement: +3
Critical: +1d8 cold damage per plus
Property: +3 item bonus to damage rolls with cold attacks made with this Implement
Power (Encounter) Standard action. You use Freezing Ground (wizard @will) you can use INT, WIS or CHR for this attack.
Power (daily) Trigger You hit an enemy with a cold attack using this implement
Effect: every target hit by this power is immobilized (sv ends)

This regal Scepter seems made of ice and is set with sapphires. Though the scepter is cold to the touch, its wielder never the less feels warm and comfortable in the coldest wind

After it absorbed the Rat King’s Scepter:
Shadowy gears turn within the ice. Each of the sapphires now rests in a slowly rotating cog.

Ice Scepter

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