Healing word alternatives

When a cleric is made choose either healers lore bonus to your healing word, or you trade it for a rider based on your god.
I think Healers Lore is too important to give up on all powers without allot more tweaking.

God … Effect on target of Healing Word
Earth … take 1/2 damage from next attack before end of next turn (dragon article-earth clerics)
Fire ….. +2 dmg /per tier with next attack (HFL-storm clerics)
Steel … +2 to all defenses until end of next turn
Healing .. add healers lore bonus
Travel … cleric and target each shift 1 (self-target allows shift 2)
Archery .. +2 to hit on next attack.
Death …. cleric gains 5 temp HP /per tier (Heroes of Shadows)

In a perfect world clerics of Steel (Kell) would be able to use constitution for all STR based cleric powers. but I see no way of implementing this with character builder.


Healing word alternatives

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