Hamlet of Thessal

The Hammlet of Thessal is a small town st high in the mountain valleys. It has just over one hundred humans, who are kept as slaves by a tribe of Scaven, (humanoid ratmen) also known as red witches.

The human slaves fit into four broad catagories.
  1. Orginal inhabitants of the Hamlet
  2. Inbread slaves the red wiches brought with them.
  3. Humans recently captured by orcs, still held as prisoners.
  4. Slaves called “Roses” that have privlages and are well treated due to valuable skills.

The town was recently attacked by a pair of Earthquake dragons, and killed one, driving the other away. The second one teamed up with some kobolds. She was killed when the Angry Badgers invade the kobold lair and ambushed her in her den. Catastrophy Dragons can be created by natural disasters, divine intervention (see Garlach ) or by powferful Nature Spririts.

The scaven mostly liven a cave oomplex in the middle of the town. The door is always guarded by an apprentice and a skelteton. Other undead frequently accompany patrols, and the nearby town graveyard has been mentioned as dangerous at night, do to a vampire.

The leader of the town is known only as “The Red Witch of Thessal” and she is a ritualist of some power. She obtained the apprentice book from Rebecca Malachai Coterie and owed her a favor for some as-yet undisclosed reason. She returned the book to Kenneth Malachai, and agreed to “protect” him. She also mentioned contacting the spirit of Rebecca Malachai, or a spirit pretending to be her.


the Hamlet of Thessal was freed from the red witch (Irwa) and her childeren. although half a dozen scaven remain unaccounted for, at least half apprentices. The Angry Badgers protected those who wanted to leave all the way back to Garlach. The remaining villagers (about 80) are probaly led by those “Roses” that decided to stay.

  1. Solla, the fat town cook, and her loyal kitchen minions
  2. Nam, the young and religious town blacksmith (not met by badgers)
  3. Roza, autistic papermaker (and her family) (not met by badgers)
  4. Ort, the much despised Crew Boss.
Two of the “Roses” ended up in Garlach
  1. Dab the old master builder
  2. Corvus the boastfull merchant

19 survived the return to Garlach, former residants of Garlach, and 3 members of Dab’s building crew. All of these were grateful to the Angry Badgers and spread tales of thier adventures. They are willing to provide aid or information to any of the Badgers.

Hamlet of Thessal

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