Halloween Special

Having survived the pirate attack, the tired crew of The Minnow was nearly out of the Dreadlight Shoals when they were beset by flying devils and flaming bats. And a frog man who erupted out of the thigh of the fake wood priest because the chest would have been too obvious. Despite having fly-by attacks, the bats politely stopped within melee reach of the Badgers, where they were promptly immobilized, stopped from shifting, or otherwise shut down. The ship’s captain fought alongside the Badgers until it was obvious they had matters on deck well in hand, then he bravely went to face the dangers in his cabin alone, where he apparently triumphed, since he emerged after the battle with no new injuries.

After once more clearing the dead off the decks, the Minnow sailed on and made it within sight of land… when a tremendous storm arose and blew the ship back into the Deadlight Shoals. The Badgers’ casters noted that the storm was not natural and muttered some minutia about gods and sea monsters to make it seem like they weren’t stating the obvious. Despite the efforts of the crew, the Minnow foundered upon rocks, and it became clear to all that it was time to abandon ship. Most of the crew made it into one of the lifeboats, leaving the second to the Badgers, who were joined by Ruth and Clever Dave (a.k.a. Cannon and Fodder). The captain went down with his ship—though not his hat, because Kazador stole that as the lifeboats were leaving. And not his statue of Asmodeus because that was the whole reason for the storm in the first place, but the Badgers did not discover that until later.

The two lifeboats landed on a nearby island, where the castaways were able to find a degree of shelter but no rest. Their sleep was disturbed throughout the night by howling wolves, rising tide, and a ghostly voice that kept possessing different people and calling for its daddy. In the morning, after the storm had passed, the Badgers decided to explore their little island. Kenneth shortened the process considerably by transforming his tiny dragon familiar into a large dragon and flying around on its back. He spotted a boat and a rock staircase on the other side of the island, which the party went to investigate. Crossing the island, they passed numerous cracks through which brimstone smoke roiled into the air. The source, they discovered, was an underground cavern where tiefling witches were directing a ritual over smoking cauldrons.

The Badgers never discovered the intent of the ritual, but one of its effects was to summon a ridiculous number of minions, which they had to wade through to get to the cauldrons. One of the witches escaped with the statue of Asmodeus, but the party captured the other, with the assistance of a suspiciously orange and glowing dretch. The Badgers commandeered the witches’ boat and, with the aid of the surviving crew from the Minnow, set sail once again. It seemed like they might finally reach their destination when Esmond asked that they “swing by” the Island of Miracles, since it was “almost on the way.” Esmond was full of crap on this point, but the Badgers cheerfully agreed anyway, since they still have several months before their world-saving quest really becomes time-sensitive.

On the Island of Miracles, the earth priests rewarded the Badgers with magic scale armor for Kazador, which he understood how to wear after a good night’s sleep. The earth priests decided they needed Esmond to do something more pressing than save the world, so they kept him on the island and gave the party some cryptic information about elven paragons. During their down-time, the Badgers debated whether to keep their newly-acquired boat and rent it out to Clever Dave or to sell it so that they could all get matching tattoos. Further investigation revealed that they still wouldn’t be able to afford any worthwhile tattoos, but no decision had been reached by the end of the day.

Halloween Special

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