Green Avordel

Avordel est. 2-6-121 current government 3-1-05, current date 3-2-103 (September)

…A huge spoked metropolis of 100,000 ruled by the Eldrin. It is a tropical city of
stately city planning, There are cobbled streets and a sewer system. The city center is a palace supported by 6 enormous trees, with an academy of magic built below it. Walled gardens extend outward from the center, connected to the palace by Dwarven built towers and unsupported bridges 80’ above the ground.

Most of the population is human, with elves dwarves, half-orcs, halflings, dragonborn and other humans from far lands. Eldrin are in charge but re,latively few in number. Tieflings mainly come from the eastern kingdom of Tenui. The eldrin kings took power in 3-1-05, but four human mayors and councilmen govern the city business, with a noble elf required on each council.

The Living Academy is an enormous hallowed out Tree that looks like a chaotic tear-shaped mound of wood. It is lit by blue dancing lights which have been seen to move. Casting spells that damage or set fire to buildings or bystanders within the city is heavily prosecuted (at least in the better areas).

The Siesta Avordel has a siesta period from noon–4 pm and much of the activity occurs in the evening and early night hours. The climate no longer makes this necessary, due to the last climate shift. This is an old tradition followed mostly by elves and the more conservative elements.

…Silk dresses and shirts are worn by the upper classes along with complex but stately hairstyles. Lower classes make do with cotton or loincloths.

…Psionists are not well organized, they lack the formal training of the Academy, and have small splintered organizations with widely different goals. They can expect the same treatment as mages for blatant displays of power.

Green Avordel

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