Lesser gods are currently detailed at the bottom of the greater gods individual pages.

Name Aspects (Domains) Alignment .. Origin

Udo Fire, fanatics (Sun, Arcane,Change) .. Primordial - Ascended God

Bylun Inspiration (Change, Luck, Creation).. fragment of Udo
Arete Education (Arcane, Knowledge, Skill).. fragment of Udo

Kell Metal (War, Protection, Strength) .. Primordial

Borslav War (War, Strife, Tyranny) Evil .. fragment of Kell
Juri Smithing (Creation, Skill, Protection) .. fragment of Kell

Yanna Air, trade (Freedom, Trickey, Storms) .. Primordial

Perun Lightning (Storm, Sun. Justice) Lawful Good .. angel
Aastrafin Travel, messangers (Freedom, Change, Travel) .. dragon

Iva Water, healing (Sea, Skill, Civilization) .. Primordial

Carcer Pragmatism (Skill, Strength, Fate) .. mortal
Wella Halflings Psionics (Arcane, Knowledge ) .. mortal
the Chronicler Fate (Fate, Justice, Knowledge) .. angel

Harkon Wood, elves, archery (Wilderness, skill, trickery) .. Primordial

Drogo Thieves (Darkness, Trickery, Skill) .. mortal
Idreria Nature, animals (Wilderness, Life, trickery) .. fae

Death Death (death, destruction, undead) Evil .. Primordial

Winter Queen Endings (Death, Fate, winter) unaligned .. fae

Tavo Earth, infrastructure (Earth, Creation, Civilization) Good .. Primordial

Vesna Fertility (Hope, Life, Love) Good .. fragment of Tavo
Miro Strength (Strength, Earth, protection) .. fragment of Tavo


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