You have all been in the city at least several years. You decided that it was a poor time to be a mercenary or adventure. The Coterie demanded either distasteful service or huge payoffs. Instead you bought an Inn called the Angry Badger. It has been 3 weeks since the city was liberated.

Twenty years ago the City of Garlach was betrayed, and it fell to the armies of the Dracolich of Krovar. Some claimed to have turned the city over to protect it from the orc hordes to the NE. The Dracolich has successfully protected his city from orcs for centuries. A ruling Coterie was set up to control the city in the dragon’s name. They divvied up responsibilities among themselves – Administration, Military Forces, Secret police, Liaison with Krovar, Diplomacy, (so-called) Justice.

Recently the city revolted against them. Rumors say one of members of the ruling coterie helped the rebellion. Troops from the neighboring (Militant) city of Stolem poured into the city and many were killed.

Three weeks after the liberation, much of Garlach burned to the ground. The fire started at the harbor, along with several other places in the city. Fire Elementals and an Inferno Catastrophy dragon were stopped from setting fire to an abandoned home, where a barral of oil, a pile of wood and a prayer to the god of fire were found.

Updated Sept 1st
Many people of Garlach fled to Stolem, overland. These refugees were harrassed by orcs from the Steelfang clans.

The military govenor, DeGarza ordered the clearing of some of the caverns near the city, and many refugees now live in these caverns. Others have built a shanty town in waht used to be a prosperous commercial section. Other parts of the city are under reconstruction.


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