Player Characters

the following fates were largely determined by doing taro readings for for both PCs and NPCs

Chester Lord Grafton IV begins to crack under pressure. He makes bad decisions and digs in his heals against good advice. Chester reduces the harm that the lord causes, frequently talking him out of disasters. Eventually the other nobles advise a “Rest” cure, and ask Chester to take over the city directly. Assisted in the attack on Krovar.

Cravok Departs to the Elemental Chaos to destroy the Horn of Zargon. In the final battles Cravok discovered how useful the horn of Zargon is as a weapon, and between one thing and another never quite gets around to destroying it. He uses the horn to slay evil creatures, all sorts of demons and marauding elementals. By the end of the age of Fire, Zargon has not reformed.

Kazador after his death at the hands of Damien, kazador became very withdrawn and introspective. After this he decided that he was tired of violence, of adventuring, but was no longer willing to be a simple tavern owner, which would inevitably be burnt down. Instead he took up residence on the Angry Badgers ship, and went into sea trading.

Keel the badgers helped Keel to attack the nearby drow city, and liberate many of its captive goliaths. Among the slaves was a young goliath female whose spirit had survived. She fell in love with Keel, and they had many children. Although many other slaves never recovered their children are born free and dwarves help them become accustomed to life in the mountains. They settle with Kygn’s folk outside the territory of the Firedome beast.

Kenneth Allaying with Meri and Damien, he worked hard to reform both villains, helping them to lead honest lives in Garlach for many years. He rebuffed the advances of Vanessa, but Merri’s
jealousy was raised. Eventually Kenneth put a long held plan into action, bringing combined
armies to attack Krovar. The Draqgon King was killed, and his forces reeled. In the midst of the attack Merri saw a chance to destroy her rival and took it. This took both women out of action. Damien apologized profusely for his betrayal, saying that if it would finally pay off his debts to his dark masters. The allied forces lacked the strength to hold the city, and it remained a place of darkness.

Kobra Bubbles after her break with the Angry Badgers in the final confrontation with Lucan, Kobra left for greener pastures. She settled in Darbia and prospered there, competing against other thieves guilds to control a large section of the city. She fought the invaders of the city, and perished killing a dragonborn hero.

Other Notes:

Icedome Volcano: The summer after Lucan Greywand was killed, the mountain known as Ice dome erupts. The monastery where he trained was totally destroyed. A primordial beast of fire now stalks the mountains. No heroes strong enough to kill or imprison it could be found. The mountain people hope that it will fade at the end of the age of fire, and avoid its territory.

Wilden Bounty: a few years after the fall of Cyndieciea it becomes common knowledge that the burned body of a wilden can be used as magical components, based on HD. The wilden community comes under siege, lasting less than a decade before a band of amoral mercenaries kills the prime, and roasts his body. Rumors say that it is used to create some sort of artifact. The tree people scatter, to be picked off a few at a time. The Prime was the last survivor of the from the ward circle that destroyed the Earthshadow.

You hear rumors of that the Kingdom of Teuni is training defilers. Pelf assures you that the star singers have everything in hand. He narrowly escapes death several times, while still refusing offers of aid. By the time he realizes that God of Fire is set against him it is too late.


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