End of the world

Has been averted!

On the Winter solstice the four members of a primal ward circle met, joined by Father Mason-High Priest of Tavo (earth) The five members crashed a Wintersnight Party, and killed Earthshadow, High Lord of Stolem.

  • Dasian Pelf reluctantly killed Rastor the Burning Blade, Paladin of Udo.
  • Father Mason trapped and killed an angel who said that Earthshadow was “under the protection of heaven”
  • Earthshadow transformed into a humanoid-like Dragon before perishing.
  • Oberyon the changeling joined the battle at the end.
  • The Angry Badgers have promised to find and kill Earthshadows apprentices: a Shardmind, and a human. Rumors have also started that Pierce, an illusionist who was thought dead, is still alive. There was also a young human defiler reported in Greenbriar.
  • The Angry Badgers have been named Patrons of Stolem and the grant of a city block is pending.

The Orc’s have destroyed all life in large parts of the Great Eastern Drylands. They have left behind only sand and black ash. Similar ash can be produced by Arcanists drawling directly on the power of living plants to fuel their most powerful spells. The method is being called defiling. Before winter the Orcs will run out of food and be forced to move likely invading another territory.

The dwarven fungal druid Verisan Sig’norath proposed the following:
“The land is indeed damaged, so much destroyed by fire and magic. I can’t tell the future, but I can only assume it will spread. The normal response of the shepherds of nature such as myself to a threat of this magnitude would be to form a Ward Circle. The problem is that none of my peers who would form such a circle would trust me. In fact I don’t believe they would willingly cooperate with each other either. But you seem persuasive types, perhaps you can persuade at least some of these pargons to join me.“
Tell them all to meet with me at the circle of stones north of Belzan, on the winter solstice

  • Bralani Aayerfin the head of the Winter’s Breath Monastery, on Icedome mountain. (winterfae monk)
  • Olpan Spirtbreaker (shaman, thornskin orcs),
  • Gelvas the Walker, (human warden, location unknown)
  • The chief of Greenbriar (wilden village)
  • Verisan Sig’norath of Tuscana Caverns (dwarven druid)

The Angry Badgers also decided to invite some paragon’s who were not evil.

  • Korbus Mountian-Leaper (Goliath Warden)
  • StarSinger elves from the Old Forest . (group)
  • Dwarves from the southern kingdoms

Two of the Angry Badgers (Kenneth and Valandra) have learned to defile, but have so far only done so in demonstration. Defiling magic also draws on the life of the casters companions, wounding all within 100’ slightly. The method was learned from notes in an apprentice book, which was in the possession of The Red Witch Irwa. The method was originally hinted at by a lecturer in the city of Stolem.

Other Actors

  • The Priests of Tavo are also working to combat this threat to the world. acting on prophesy from the Island of Miracles, they have sent agents to avert the coming disasters. One of these Agents traveled with the badgers when they met with the Dwarven Druid. He was recalled and sent on another mission, where the first agent had already failed.
  • The chief of Greenbriar village, has agreed to join the Ward circle on the winter solstice.
    he is coming in his most violent aspect, known as Prime the destroyer.
  • Ky’gn and Kylandra have reached the Winter’s Breath Monastery, and convinced its leader to participate.
  • Valandra and Chaos headed for the Living Academy in the cit of Arvorel. They hope to catch any spread of Defiling magic
  • The goliath hero Mountian-Leaper was not persuaded, and has a bad impression of the idea, according to Ky’gn.

Previous Events

  • The Angry Badgers crashed a flying longboat made of Ice at the feat of Dasian Pelf, one of the Starsingers, in the Old Forest, on September 1st.
  • A sending riual reached Ky’gn who had successfully recruited the winterfae monk, and insulted the goliath hero. Dwarves from the southern kingdoms may also be sending aid.
  • The Starsinger Druidess agreed to contact Gelvas the Wanderer with a sending.
  • The Angry Badger’s agreed to accompany Dasian Pelf, and attempt to kill a Bound Cambion, serving the kingdom of Teuscani.
  • It is September 4th.

Pelf’s Favor I may be willing to help, even if the others do not, but I need a favor first. Just outside our borders a bunch of Teuni are excavating an old ruin. Some rebels reported that there is a bound cambion in charge of the group. The king of Teuni only has three of them, and each serves as a hand of the emperor in important situations. I need someone to keep the hellsworn knights and inquisitors off my back while I put him down, or vise versa

End of the world

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