Aspects: Death.
Domain powers allowed: death, destruction, undead
Channel Divinity: Raven Queen’s blessing
Alignment: Evil
Holy Symbol: Skull
Common Worshipers: Necromancers, undead, clerics, avengers, assassins
Origin: unknown

The God of Death is mad at the world. He does not approve of living things, and seeks to end them. He has no legitimate power over dead souls, but instead offers them the chance to return to prey on the living.

Unlike the other gods Death does not rule the world for several hundred years. The other gods refused him his rightful place as they feared there would be no living creatures left. Instead he gets a little freedom at the end of each age, and as long as a decade at the end of a cycle. This time has served as a time of mass extinctions, or planet wide threat. In the first cycle it was the opening of links to alternate worlds where demons and devils dwell. In the second cycle millions of humanoids suddenly appeared and did their best to wipe everything else out.

People brought back from the dead are sterile. Many living creatures lack strong survival instincts and will fight to the death regardless of odds, in an attempt to just take one more creature with them. Some call it “Death-bound Rage”. Most undead hate and feed on the living, as part of the unstated bargain they make to remain. He is willing to lend his power for weapons or spells of mass destruction.

He has few mortal worshipers, excepting misanthropes, the insane and people wanting to place death curses on enemies. Some Humanoids worship him directly, bu most serve demon or devil overlords instead. The lord of death cares not at all for the survival of his own, but rejoices in the amount of carnage they create. He especially favors killing those of breeding age.
His worshipers and priests are not allowed to have children, many are sterilized by ritual magic.

(Lesser Gods:)
Winter Queen A former faerie queen, she has been elevated to the status of goddess. People pray for her intervention with the greater god of death. She looks more favorably on living creatures, easing their passage to the next world. She retains her Fae capriciousness. She is also worshiped by some members of Primal classes, and called on by those seeking to tap the power of winter.
Domains: death, fate, winter. Channel divinity: Raven queen’s blessing

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