Dealing with the Devil

We had successfully managed to lure the Devil out of the Runelord cavern as Pelf requested. We took our places and readied for the Devil and his minions to emerge behind Kenneth, the last of our party to exit the cave. There was no sign of Pelf. Where could he be?

Once Kenneth was clear of the cave, two Hellsworn Knights exited the cave. They carried blades of pure evil in their hands. As they emerged from the cave, they parted and from behind them walking on his spider like legs of chain the devil approached. “Charge!” Keel cried out and the battle had begun.

The battle waged on and out of the bushed Pelf joined the fray, landing arrow after arrow in the devil. Part way through the fight one of the evil creatures managed to summon undead to join the fight. Things were looking grim. It was a brutal fight and The Badgers looked to have met their match until Chester turned the tide of the battle by banishing the devil to the fey wild. This bought us enough time to deal with the Knights and undead before dealing with the devil.

By the will of the Gods, or by sheer stubbornness we managed to survive. The decision was made to leave the Runelord caverns and let the Protectors handle anything else inside. Pelf found us a place to camp and recover from our wounds. Over a warm fire and some trail rations Pelf finally agreed to join us at the circle to help stop the blight taking over the land. Now to see if we can get Adriana to contact Gelenas the Walker. She sends word to him per our agreement and we are told to meet him in Darbia at the Toad and Crescent. The fastest way to Darbia is by boat, so we send word to our boat master to pick us up in the near by town of Avordel.

Upon reaching our interim destination, we visit with Salvaras and Gossamer hoping to get their assistance at the winter solstice circle. They are not interested in helping us at this time; however we agree to send word if we get more information they might be interested in knowing. We also find out he has a cousin in Avordel, one Theamon of the Mind Bandits. Salvaras tells us Theamon might be willing to help finance the new Angry Badger Inn.

When we reach Avordel we cannot find any sign of the Mind Bandits. We decide to stock up on our goods and move on to Darbia. The boat ride is uneventful, but gives us some time to think and reflect on our travels to this point. What a grand story this will make when all is said and done. After a week of sailing we arrive at the ports in Darbia.

Darbia is a huge city full of people rushing here and there. We make our way to the Toad and Crescent in search of Galenas. The barmaid tells us he headed for the Dark Sky Mesa to the North. I have had it with this walker fella and convince the party we should just head off and see if we can find the treasure from the map we have. Everyone agrees and we go back to the boat and head for the island on the map. It takes about a week for us to find the small island and a few hours to track down the location in question.

Kenneth and I use our ritual of excavation to clear away the land in hopes of finding the buried goodness. A large chest becomes visible as we remove the earth; however as the chest comes in to sight an unnatural storm begins to form in the sky. As if drawn to the chest by some higher power zombies rise from the surf and come towards us. Ripples dance across the water and bursting through the surface, showering down water on the beach a large flying manta ray emerges.

Battle, Battle, Battle…yeah we win, go Badgers…

Keel and Kazador load the chest on to the boat and we rest before opening it to see what our efforts have brought us…

To be continued

Dealing with the Devil

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