Cyndicean Invasion

The Angry Badgers opened the tunnels to Cycndicea. After many days of travel they passed through the volcanic cavern called the “Eye of Zargon”

Cavern of Cyndicea

A enormous cavern, 2 miles across. Stars somehow fixed to the ceiling provide light , brighting and dimming to to create a cycle of day and night. A lake covers the middle of the cavern, 1 mile across. In the center is an island containing the TEMPLE of ZARGON. The southwest part of the cavern is filled with streets and stone buildings.

Hero Sects:
• Gorn – Bearded male mask identical to the masks worn by Earthshadows secret police
• Madarua – Female mask, seen in visions of a black robed woman sacking the underground dwarf city
• Usamigaras- smiling child mask, not seen elsewhere. (YET)
Other Sects
• Hawk warriors fight with 2 kuri’s and can make astounding jumps
• Jackal warriors fight with hooked polearms
• Tiger warriors fight with 1 tiger claw, their other hand is usually free.

  • Savants are Star warlocks that wear black robes
  • Priests of Zargon fight alongside oozes

Many but not all of the cycndiceans wear masks, many but not all are sane. the combination alows the angry badgers to obtain masks and blend in. The Bat Farmer Denika helps providing masks of Gorm (male) and some clothing. She seemed to have fallen for Cravok, and asked to accompany him when he left. Instead she got a “Dear Denaka…” letter

The party visits the isolated fortress of Gorm and Madarua. Finding out that the priests of Zargon rule the cavern from the island temple. Boats travel from the docks out to the island regularly, and all children are taken to the temple on field trips. Adults visit it regularly as well.
The Brotherhood of Gorm guards the inner door, that night. the Magi of Usamigaras guard the boats, when the PCs stole one, leaving the warlocks flinging spells at them from the docks.

They crossed to the island and Kenneth and Cravock helpfully pointed out a nearly deserted beach, deserted except for the eight female guards. Confusing them with cries of “Panty Raid” and discussions of Kazador’s shoes, the badgers left to find a less popular beach. One was wearing a drow Pwinfi.

The Badgers scaled the temple and spen several hours camped on the roof, watching the stars dance in the sky. Finding a oculus leading into the center of the temple they decided to avoid the front doors. The Room below contained a 30’ pool of rolling slime, taht somthing seemed to be growing deep within. The Badgers killed a richly dressed man, who claimed to be high priest, but was easily slain. More slimy demons and priests appeared, and the rest of the temple woken up and stirred to life. Before anymore Defenders could arrive, the oculus that the Badgers had come through started to pulse open and close and with a rush of stars, the Angry Badgers foud themselves sucked upward into the sky, to stand amid the stars.

Unexpected….” muttered Kenneth.

Cyndicean Invasion

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