The Secret Council that ruled Garlach: years 90-102, 3rd cycle, Age of Fire

Judge Greywand

  • He turned against the coetiere at the end, but was killed by an angry mob.
  • now alive, capture while working as body guard for knight-captain Shade. in Stolem
  • missing fingers
  • His son is Lucan, a monk.
  • Lucan has sworn vengeance against the Badgers and the entire city of Garlach.

Father Uliban

  • A swarm druid, usually rats.
  • killed by Valandra
  • crafted an heir. Merri is running a criminal organization in Garlach.
  • mentored by Verisan Sig’norath this dwarven druid’s home was recently destroyed. Burned by drow and goliath Slave soldiers.

Sarah Malachai

  • she was the foregin spymaster, a sorcerer.
  • mother of Kenneth
  • Still speaks to Kenneth, during long-range teleports

General Varr

  • a warlord
  • No heir??

Arieaa and Ortho Blackstaff

  • a pair of Warlocks, fey and infernal.
  • their son (Damien) was killed and brought back as a reverant

Much about the Coterie is shrouded in mystery, including whether the name was chosen by the group or its detractors. Either way, it soon became the only term used to describe the council of governors established after the Dracolich’s occupation of Garlach—an equally mysterious event, as one day the Dragon’s forces lay outside the city and the next, they were in control. Some claim the Coterie made a bargain with the Dragon to deliver the city in exchange for their positions. They cite Varr’s promotion as evidence that his watchmen must have let the Dragon’s army into the city. Though most of the governors were influential members of the city and not unsuited to their new roles, “Father” Uliban was particularly suspicious as he had little power before the occupation and no apparent role during it. The Coterie maintained stability in the city partly by fostering doubt about their motives: they governed moderately well and blamed their most unpopular decisions on mandates from Krovar.

Shortly after the liberation, the following poem began circulating—as mysterious as anything about the Coterie in that no one could verify either its authorship or its truth:

The Fall of the Falcons:
Rebecca Malachai was dead before it did begin.
General Varr fell with his men.
Arieaa and Ortho Blackstaff would not flee, could not win.
Judge Greywand was torn apart by more than ten.
Father Uliban burned in his den.


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