Colder and Darker

With Earthshadow dead, the Angry Badgers try and reduce the chaos in Stolem. Chester makes a bid to become the new ruler. He is blocked by Lord Grafton the IV and Lady Fodder.

After the final day of negotiating with the nobles of Stolem, the Angry Badgers have their quarters set on fire by Templars, the elite force Earthshadow was training. Templars wore black robes and bronze masks of a bearded human. Two of Earthshadow’s remaining three apprentices were slain in the attack with one fleeing and be chased by volunteer fire fighters. Chester’s woman was killed in the fire. An effemininant Fire Genasi named Thermite, and a well connected templar were allowed to escape.

The Badgers then pursued rumors of a gnoll and human army gathering to the north. Kenneth contacted Vanessa, a 30something archivist he met at the Living Academy in Arvordel. She offered to pay the badgers for a look at the Winterking’s Cairn.

In the cold dark north
In the Winterking’s cairn only a few barbarians remained. Most of the kings former army had unthawed and headed north. Where a new army was forming called the Army of Winter. It is led by a dragon, and Ravid the necromancer. Ravid was last seen driving a fancy sled pulled by an Owlbear.

The Badgers obtained a map of the northlands, with tribal area, lakes, and unexplained Xs.
They identified: Cold Creeper, Snow Tiger, Cold River and Demon Fang tribes – along with what appear to be dwarves, giants, ratmen, orcs, more gnolls and Krovar (dracolich)

Setting off to the north on Phantom Steeds, the badgers are limited to 6 hours of travel by the fading light. At the end of the second day they come across many tracks headed NE. The tracks led to a mixes gnoll and human camp. The Badgers killed 2 score barbarians, and a half dozen gnolls. The survivors said that The Army of Winter has stopped whatever it was doing in the cursed lands to the north and is headed South. It has four tribes: the snow tigers, demon fangs and cold creepers. The army is led by a dragon. It plans to invade the south. The barbarians were told this by a black robed human on a big sled, pulled by a bear, going north. The Barbarians mentioned that legend says “When it begins to rain slime, its time to leave
“I thought that was common sense.” muttered a badger.

It is January 3rd

Colder and Darker

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