Cities of the Eldri Coast

Green Avordel The oldest city on the Eldri coast, it was the capital of the Eladrin kingdom. An Eladrin king still rules, but the city is governed by human mayors, and contains all races. Huge trees and dwarf-built towers surround the center of this wheel & spoke city. Magic of many types is taught in the living academy.

Militant Stolem Dedicated to warfare, this city has been fighting for centuries with its neighbors, the orc hordes and the Dracolich of Krovar. In this time of relative peace, its citizens work as mercenaries everywhere along the coast.

Mercantile Darbia: Is the largest city on the Coast. Its citizens are mostly concerned with trade and gathering wealth. It protects itself with equal numbers of Arkhosian guards and Stolem mercenaries.

Playful Chistle: A town dedicated to arts and leisure, it boasts an active theater scene and a bardic college. Just up river from Darbia, many of its neighbors have secondary homes here. It boasts of having more taverns (53) than craftsmen.

Isstil: A well-defended mining city on the northern border of human lands. Six nearby smaller mining communities have become monster-infested ghost towns. Most were abandoned when the veins of minerals or metals were mined out.

Garlach: this city was ruled by agents of the dracolich Krovar, until its recent liberation by an army form Stolem and an internal uprising. Miles of caverns and tunnels connect to the mountains 40 miles away. The caverns and tunnels shift and change regularly.

Shapestone Village. Protected by a great spirit of the land, the buildings in this village can be shaped by their owners will. The (primal) Force is strong here.

Greenbriar Village: A community of over 100 Wilden sprang up overnight, some years ago. Elves and gnomes live among them, along with humans interested in exploring this mysterious phenomenon.

Island of Miracles: This rocky island is covered in temples and ruins of the same. Here all gods have the same freedoms and access to the world as Udo does. Divine visions, servants and smack-downs are all common here.

Krovar, Dragon’s Keep. This inland city is NE of the coast. It is an extension of its ruling (undead) dragon’s will. Agents or raiding parties from this land frequently make their way into the Eldri coast.

Kingdom of Teuni: This VICIOUS/EVIL kingdom is on a peninsula west of the Eldri Coast. Its rulers are heavily influenced by demons and devils. Teiflings are common here. The last time it attacked the Eldri Coast its army almost got within 20 miles of Avordel before it was turned back by a multi-city army and a battalion from nearby the island-continent of Arkhosia.

Arkhosia. It’s an Island, it’s a Continent, and it’s filled with dragonborn. Luckily for the rest of the world they are very bad sailors & ship builders. The Clans might be at war or at peace, only a few merchants and ex-pats care.

Astari a dwarven kingdom, locked in an eternal feud with a neighboring dwarven kingdom.

Cities of the Eldri Coast

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