Carceri Calamity

Dashing through the gate ahead of the reaching hand of the frost giant, some members of the Angry Badgers experienced a long moment hanging in an endless silvery void, before arriving in the Caern of the Winterking. Others were not so lucky.


Kazdor, Oberon and Keel found themselves standing on the side of an obscenely tall mountain. Reddish light seeping upward from the ground. The starless sky was dark except for a baneful red moon. A Frog-shaped stone fortress perched above them, and a man climbed towards them from below.

The climber was “Robilar the Great” who claimed he was falsely imprisoned. Here turned out to be the prison plane of Carceri – created by the gods at the beginning of time and used as a dumping ground for exiles and criminals.
Legend has it that You can only escape by becoming more powerful than whatever put you in, or by getting outside help from someone similar.

The prisoners had a rude society controlled by a human lord known as “the Hanged man” The three badgers looked for a way out, but were told on the streets the only escape was death. They met the lord of the town, who seemed to have his own way out, leading to an alternate prime material plane. Oberon conceived of a plan to impersonate him, and use his exit from Caceri. (which totally would have worked, but there was a easier way)

They were also attacked by a giant Red Slaad (frog). After killing him the rest of the town took more notice of them. Other inhabitants included a gnome riding a 15’ tall Demon, several men with spikes in their skin, and Abasicus the sweaty (a bartender) The last indicated he was a follower of the god of water, and led them to an underground tunnel he said would let them escape. The bartender provided the following:

Eyes will betray you
if you bear the mountains weight
river leads you home

The three badgers fought their way through a maze with invisible walls, fighting minotaurs, flaming skulls, and learning that Dwarves make bad kites .

*memory fragments*
The backs of Kaz and Keel ached as if from carrying great weight.
Swimming on a floating river through a silvery void.
A bladeling monk owes you a favor.
“I tell the skeleton it has nice eyes”
The beholder.
Sailing on the river Styx.

They were able to escape in a skeleton’s boat, outpacing the slowly floating Eye Tyrant. Unfortunately Oberon was hit with rays inflicting disintegration and ultimately death.
A: The (singing?) skeleton swings by the god of water’s domain and Oberyon’s body is carried off by watery angels
B: Oberon’s body and equipment are returned, for resurrection, as soon as can be managed.

The surviving badgers regain consciousness as they return through the portal in the Winter King’s Caern.

Carceri Calamity

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