Ages and History

Known History: dates written (Cycle – Age – Year)

—First Cycle

Agriculture, Organized religion, Bronze working, Migrations, Wheels and Sails, Domesticating Animals Writing. Divine Magic predominates. Contact with Demonic Forces [age of death]. Few records or legends survive. The Ages in the first cycle were longer than 300 years.

— Second Cycle( begins 2-1-1)

2-1 (Earth) 1 to 300 The Old Kingdom. Human slaves overthrow (?)masters.
2-2 (Fire) 301 to 600 The Golden Age of the wizard-kings
2-3 (Steel) 601 to 900 The Iron Age of warfare.
2-4 (Air) 901 to 1200 Rise of the Old Empire.
2-5 (Water) 1201 to 1500 Peak and collapse of the Old Empire
2-6 (Wood) 1501 to 1800 Dark Age. City states of Edlri Coast founded
2-7 (Death) 1 to 30 Rampaging humanoid hordes.

The second Cycle was a time of growing civilization. It included the equivalent of the Greek and Roman eras in the real world. Demi-humans were encountered and embraced, mixing into the primary human culture. Arcane forces are first used in the Age of Fire, and dominate the world for a while. Primal forces start to be used regularly only in the Age of Wood.
The Eladrin/Drow split occurs in the age of water, taking place mostly in the feywild.
In the Age of Death Orcs and Gnolls appear virtually overnight, laying waste to the remains of the old empire. Scaven (ratmen), goblins and kobolds also appear, but scattered in smaller numbers.

Third Cycle (begins 3-1-1)
3-1 (Earth) 01 to 200 Eldari cities expanded to current size
3-2 (Fire) 201 to 303 (current age)

Ages and History

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