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  • gods

    Lesser gods are currently detailed at the bottom of the greater gods individual pages.

    *Name* Aspects (Domains) Alignment .. Origin

    _*[[Udo | Udo]]* Fire, fanatics (Sun, Arcane,Change) .. Primordial_ --- *Ascended God*


    *Aspects:* Death. *Domain powers allowed:* death, destruction, undead *Channel Divinity:* Raven Queen's blessing *Alignment:* Evil *Holy Symbol:* Skull *Common Worshipers:* Necromancers, undead, clerics, avengers, assassins *Origin:* unknown …

  • End of the world

    h5. Has been averted!
    On the Winter solstice the four members of a primal ward circle met, joined by Father Mason-High Priest of Tavo (earth) The five members crashed a Wintersnight Party, and killed *Earthshadow, High Lord of Stolem.* * Dasian …

  • Plot Cards

    How It Works JON'S COMMENTS/ MODIFICATIONS ARE IN ALL CAPS SUMMARY: players get a to draw a random plot card each session. If they play it there is a reward. Monster XP will instead be rewarded with a draw from a player advantage deck, at the …