Father Uliban

Coterie member of Garlach. dead.


Father Uliban was one of the more secretative members of the evil Coterie that ruled Garlach Later relevations imply that he was an urban druid, with the preferred form of a rat swarm.

He attempted to create an heir out of a mobile fungus, but failed creating a near mindless animated creature. He never despaired of it eventually becoming more and left it imprisoned behind a simple puzzle lock. He provided the creature with a picture book, and a dryad tutor. He left it the following message:

To my Heir: If you have finally gained the understanding necessary to solve this door, then please join me in Garlach. Across the hall is a hat that will allow you to pass unnoticed among humans. If this is impossible, you should seek out Verisian Sig’Norath in the caverns of Tusecana. A map appears on the door and indicates an entrance near Garlach. On the other hand, If you have slain my heir, then be warned, you have been observed, and I will seek vengeance. Uliban.

Eventually his attempts to create an Heir was more succesful. His methods point towards an affinity for primal power, and it is likely he was a druid.
According to the Fall of the Falcons, he “Burned in his den.” during the liberation.
Valandra is feels responsible, as she set fire to what turned out to be someone’s hidden safehouse, but there is little proof.

Merri of “the Restless” is his heir. She is an earth genasi.
Verisian Sig’Norath is a dwarven druid strongly bonded to a city sized mass of Fungus in the underdark. (Caverns of Tuscana) He has refered to Father Uliban as " old Bag o’Rats" and implies that Uliban studied with him as a student.

Father Uliban

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