loan shark, and general bastard.


A loan shark and criminal in Garlach Richtor is a small man with big plans. He hires other people to due his fighting for him. He has never shown any loyalty, decency, or traits that interfere with his naked self interest.

Life is a zero-sum game and richtor is not going to get the zero. Not if he can help it

Richttor was moving up in the world after the fire and liberation. He had managed to gather a fair number of halflings and humans into a gang.

When the Low king arrived Richtor swore to serve under the black dragon, and assisted in creating the new headquarters of the gang. Unfortunately some old aquaintances – Merri/Madra and the Angry Badgers were able to track him down. His end came from a teleported dragon.

Thus furfilling his oath to serve “under” him.


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