Heir of Judge Greyward. Burned the city of Garlach. Dead.


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Lucan Greyward, level 7
Human, Monk
Background: Adventurer’s Scion (History class skill)

Acrobatics +13, History +8, Religion +8

Superior Implement Training (Accurate dagger)
Ritual Caster

Monk at-will 1: Crane’s Wings
Monk daily 1: Masterful Spiral
Monk utility 6: Dancing Wind Stance (NPC only)
Monk encounter 7: Grasping Tide

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Lucan always had a strong sense of fairness. He was raised to balance rights and wrongs. When his father was torn apart by a crowd, even though he was working for the rebellion, Lucan declared vengence on all the people of Garlach.

He set up oil barrels in across the city, and left prayers to Udo.

Later he joined up with Merri, Damien and the halfling Realdo. They became known as “The Restless”
and were paid for exploring the caverns under Garlach.

They stole a totem from troglodytes in the Caverns of Tuscana, which led to the Trogs to declare war on the humans “Under-Garlach”

Lucan, Damien and Realdo camped in the middle of a burning Lake, where Lucan prayed to a 2-headed dragon statue which symbolized a union of gold (good) and red (evil) dragons.
The Totem was taken by the Angry Badgers and Lucan perished under the collapse of the Dragon statue.


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