Eldri Coast

Session Summaries:

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Session 1: Days Gone By
Session 2: The Burning of Garlach
Session 3: The Haunted Hall of Evermeet
Session 4: Stolem and the Slaves
Session 5: Kickin’ Kobolds
Session 6: In the Company of Rats
Session 7: Deliver Us from Irwa
Session 8: King, Rich, and Merri
Session 9: Childhood Friends
Session 10: Caverns of Tuscana
Session 11: Smooth Sailing
Session 12: Halloween Special
Session 13: Greenbriar & the flying longboat filled with zombies.
Session 14: Winterking I
Session 15: Winterking II (same as above)
Session 17: Pelf’s favor
Session 18: dealing with the devil
Session 19: Pirates, Orcs and a Baby, OH MY!
Session 20: “Orc orc orc!” “Yeah, well same to you!” and Orcs at the gates of dawn
Session 22: Smoking wheels glade
Session 23: We’re not in the Feywild anymore Toto.
Session 24: Ghosts and the Shadow Witch
Session 25: Saving the World
Session 26: Colder and Darker and We are hot, then cold
Session 27: Carceri Calamity
Session 28: Slime and Tears
Session 29: Winter ends in January
Session 30: Mines, Mud-wrestling and a Mummers Court
Session 31: The Seer
Session 32: Dragons and Night (-captain) Shade.
Session 33: Cyndicean Invasion
Session 34: Starstruck
Session 35: THE END (9/24/2011)


I re-organized the log because I didn’t like having to scroll through the whole thing to find a particular session. Also, this will allow us to add earlier sessions without worrying about the fact that the log puts pages in chronological order of creation, rather than campaign chronology. I haven’t deleted the old log pages, though, so if people prefer that way, I can put things back and create the session log in the wiki instead.

Session Summaries

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