Eldri Coast

8: King, Rich and Merri

After returning to Garlach, the Angry Badgers moved into Kenneth’s family mansion.
The burnt and bloodstained front porch suggest that previous attempts of people to move in were less than succesful.
Keel Dwarven adoptive parents presented him with some Fine dwarven scale mail, made for him specifically.

The Badgers were approached by an earth G enasi calling herself Marda – who was known to Kenneth as Merri.
Richtor had stolen her last remaining posessions and she wanted revenge. She offered +2 leather armor for help.
the badgers broke into his house and beat up a bunch of thieves, halflings and oddly, a pair of Kobolds, but no Richtor and no stuff.

They found out he was working for a new guildmaster called the “Low king”, and then raced all over the city to track down the Low king’s HQ. They found the Low kings HQ near “Varesh’s Tower”
A small 4 story tower, that is usually found to be empty and deserted. Occasionally people vanish inside, never to be seen again. Valandra, and Chaos were able to tap into a magical field surrounding the tower, greatly empowering fire spells. Chaos got the impression that the engery surrounding the tower changes in a chaotic fashion.

When the Badgers found the Low King’s hideout they broke into the house next door and then through an ajoining wall. Richtor was waiting, with more thieves, more kobolds and a large black dragon (the low king). After being badly wounded Richtor tried to escape, when Chaos Nimbleshun teleported a 15’ long, 1 ton dragon on top of him. He went out with the bang.

The dragon still nearly killed kazzador, Chester and Merri. Only bloodying Val, Chaos and Keel.

Before parting ways Merri asked Chaos Nimbleshun and ask if he knew a halfling named Oleander Quickstep?

In exchange for a favor to be named later, she admitted a halfling Realdo Surendam was looking for Oleander. She last saw Renaldo when she was in the cavers under the city, near a burning lake.

She also provide information about where he was now.

It also turned out that Richtor had so much not taken her stuff as refused to return it when she left him and ran off to explore caverns under the city with some old friends.



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8: King, Rich and Merri

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