Eldri Coast

5: Kickin' Kobolds

I spend a short rest cleaning my boots...

Written by the Hand of Chaos

After laying out as much pomp and circumstance due Eladri Royalty, I’ve managed to pass off our dubious letter to the Red Witch’s men – just like Dad used to say “It’s 10% what you say and 90% how you say it.” In three days she’ll be able to see us. I wonder what she’s busy doing… I’m probably better of not knowing.

I hope we get out of this place…. or “burn this piece down” as Valandra would say. I hate seeing these slaves suffer and not doing anything about it (yet).

We decided to take The Red Witch up on her offer of temporary employment – exterminating the Earthquake dragon that destroyed her tower. Partly for the money, partly because I can’t stand staying in this place, but mostly due to last night’s tussle with the beast.

As we were preparing to take off, a liaison of The Red Witch was ordered to accompany us to the site of the Kobold’s stronghold. A horrid rat-thing with three brass rings in it’s tail. The entire trip the thing wheezed like a sick boar – disgusting. It lead us into, and through, a valley with several lakes. When it came time to make camp, it didn’t even help it just curled up and began to snore. The whole trip I’ve had to keep up the appearances due to it’s involvement in the trip. . . I’m surprised at how easily the phrases of court came back.

Early the next morning, it leads us to the doors of the Kobold lair. It’s surprising that it knew exactly where to find the threat… perhaps I can convince The Red Witch that this thing is a spy… useful, but hopefully it won’t come to that.

Val and Kyg’n charged the door just as my ball of acid dropped it from it’s hinges. ‘Lo and behold we find dirty, smelly, reptile-faced Kobolds! The following are the most memorable scene’s from the skirmish:

  • Kyg’n chased a Kobold Shaman down a corridor and all I hear is “Not in the face!” echoing in Draconic
  • I think I knocked a guy down the stairs with WTF

We then proceeded to have a running fight through the corridors into the heart of the complex. I admit, we did have to take a little bit of a break after we fell about two dozen of the little vermin.

With only Valandra throwing off light, I tried to keep a lookout for things creeping up on me… those Kobold’s are sneaky rodents.

“We’ve only been playing with you up until now! You face the power of the Kobold Empire!” Cried a little whiny Kobold voice.
We’re the might of the Kobold Empire – you’ve been playing with yourselves!” Not my best work, but I was rushed.

I honestly can say I didn’t see much of the next fight. I was too busy running away from the vermin that kept pouring out of all the halls. I might of used WTF again but I honestly can’t remember.

The next thing I can recall, we’re interrogating two of the shamans trying to find out where the dragon’s lair is. Their stories corroborated, so we left them tied up in the room until we could finish our business with the dragon. We set an ambush to wait the dragon. After a quick battle the dragon was laid low and I had acquired a new back-scratcher.

On the way back to town, we were ambushed by some ratmen from town. They refused to listen to our quest from the Red Witch – and so were made to listen with extreme prejudice.

Kyg’n took us up a path to his tribe’s winter home. They looked like what I would expect a lightning shelter would look like. A semi-transparent Goliath with stone barnacles came out of the largest shelter. Kyg’n said it was his grandmother. The Goliath spirit proceeded to change into various Goliath’s from Kyg’n’s life. They proceeded to ask us to bring new stones to the mountain to appease the mountains spirit. We agree and leave the mountain.

We arrive back at Thessal with the skull as the proof of the death. The Red Witch accepts the gift and provides payment (290gp). She mentions she’s contacted Kenneth’s mother as a spirit. We brought up Agent Odlo from Stolem to The Red Witch, she’s agreed to determine when the orc attack on Stolem will occur. She also provided us with Kenneth’s mother’s apprentice spellbook.

Unfortunately, she believes the best place to keep us safe is in her keep… I wonder how Bylun will get me out of this one…


  • Obsidian dragon carving (same as the previous one)
  • Amulet of Physical Resolve +1
  • 5x Rock Crystals 10gp each
  • 415 gp



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