Eldri Coast

4: Stolem and the Slaves

Onward to the witches!

The adventurers stayed with the wagon for six days until it reached the gates of Stolem. With the influx of refugees, it took the better part of the seventh day to gain entrance into the city. The guards at the gate point Kyg’n (approximately) to the Griffon’s Rest, a local inn known for housing warriors. The city wall is heavily fortified.

The caravan paid the adventurer’s their due and pointed the party toward the proprietor of a local glass blower – a known contact of Kenneth’s Mother.

Once into the city proper the group noticed that the city of Stolem was actually sparsely populated.

The group decides to send Chaos Nimbleshun in to impersonate a servant of Kenneth‘s Mother. After providing the glass blower with the code phrase – purchasing a blue bowel for 50 gp, 25 up front – the proprieter tells Chaos the following:
- Eldar Warmage Earthshadow the city’s high-mage, is …..something….
- He expects the organization to inform him before the orc raid on Stolem.
- He hasn’t had contact with the organization for sometime.

Chaos leaves the store with a small blue glass bowel well packaged for a journey.

The group decides to purchase:
- the ?swift movement? ritual
- horses for each member of the party
- two climbing kits
- two crow bars

The group remains entirely (too?) focused on catching up with the slavers. They neglect to mention the impending attack on the city to anyone in the city.

Early the next morning the group casts the ?swift movement? ritual and gives chase to the slavers. They reach the spot they left on the road within two days – thanks to the horses and magic travel. Kazador Ironstryker used his knowledge of the land and orc to stay on the trail of the captives. Kaz was enough on his game that the group was able to lay an ambush on a war party of Thornskin orcs. The group decides to sow a little discord in the ranks and plants some Steelclash paraphernalia on some of the bodies.

The group encounters many more groups and continues to plant extra markings and graffiti to implicate other orc tribes as they keep on the trail.

Late one night, the group decides to cast Decipher Languages on the scroll carried by Valandra. The scroll is revealed to be the Rubrik of Tulket (Dretch). Annoyance and questioning looks appear on the group’s faces as the sentient parchment summons a Dretch to prove it’s powers. The group decides to place Kenneth in charge of this – on Valandra’s condition that it be placed in the campfire at every available opportunity.

Early the next morning, the group comes upon the slavers they’ve been hunting – sans slaves. The group takes out this development on the slavers. Luckily, the orcs were forthcoming in the slave’s destination before they died as no prisoner’s were taken — Town Name.

The group immediately heads out, despite the loss of their most powerful magic. A mile or so outside of town they are set upon by a band of Kobold’s and their catastrophe earthquake dragon master. The fight was entirely too close as Kaz was forced to develop his “Prone Turtle” attack methods. As both sides face down death, the earthquake dragon blinked first and fled with the high priest following shortly thereafter.


Thanks for the recap! hmm can’t edit: the glassblower had standing orders to observe earthshadow, and report on his activities. Earthshadow has boasted that he and his apprentices can hold off an orc horde while the army is away.

Travelers Chant

Orc refrences can be sent to the orc wiki page. ill put a page for earthshadow in characters.

4: Stolem and the Slaves

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