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10/30/2011: Epilogue cross-posted to new forums.
9/24/2011: Last session of campaign
New message board created. http ://
9/16/2011: Cyndicean Invasion added
8/22/2011: Cynidicea Updated from your experiences
8/13/2011: Coterie this will have to do as a recap.
7/27/2011: Cynidicea compilation of rumors.
7/23/2011: Healing word alternatives
7/21/2011: Yanna goddess of air
7/17/2011: Mines, Mud-wrestling and a Mummers Court – and The Seer
7/7/2011: Winter ends in January a tribeswoman’s Log.
6/19/2011: Slime and Tears adventure log finished. Slimy Doom disease written up.
6/13/2011: Carceri Calamity
5/13/2011: Moved We are hot, then cold
5/5/2011: god of Death, Colder and Darker adventure log and minor edits.
4/17/2011: End of the world has been averted!
4/7/2011: Plot Cards – beta testing
3/30/2011: Elfdark Court updated Ice Scepter
03/21/2011: We’re not in the Feywild anymore, Toto
03/08/2011: Smoking wheels glade We could still use the PCs view/comments.
02/08/2011: Updated Winter King, preview Tales of Spiderdark
02/02/2011: Orcs at the gates of dawn an NPC’s view of the battle for Stolem.
01/29/2011: Orc orc orc! Yeah well same to you
01/27/2011: Pirates, Orcs and a Baby, OH MY!
01/24/2011: updated Orc Tribes with info about the horde attacking Stolem.
01/20/2011: Dealing With the Devil
1/6/2010: End of the world current events updated.
12/09: Ward Circle Prospects – this now contains details of the primary plotline. Please read and edit / expand. It also needs a new page title..
11/22: Added Winter King . Minor updates to Iva
11/20: Expanded description of Iva
11/10?: Updated PC Kazador Ironstryker (by ken)
11/4: Added Adventure Summary – Halloween Special
11/1: Added Item Rarity a list of common items.

Player rewards: New standing offer!

Anyone who writes up an adventure log, can re-roll one d20, during the next session.
Using a plot card: minor rewards is a draw from a player advantage deck (pending better idea)
Using a plot card with a “Monster” reward provides a free re-roll.

Next Session:

Saturday September 10th (5:00 PM)
Location: Jason’s same old house. Until Further notice.

What folks are bringing:

(If you know what you want to bring, list it here, and we might not double up as much)

Eldri Coast

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